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CallTower:Connect: Our journey

November 19, 2013

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Here at CallTower, we administer our services the same way as our customers. We don’t have a super-secret way of doing things. You might say we eat our own dogfood. Due to this fact, CallTower employees were the biggest cheerleaders behind the rewrite of our old CallTower Provisioning System (CPS).

After an 8 month Herculean effort, we released “CallTower:Connect” and “CallTower:Connect User Portal”. We appreciated everybody’s patience and understanding as we rolled out this brand new platform. We’ve received incredible feedback about CallTower:Connect, both positive and negative, and have been able to implement many of the features requested while also fixing many issues that were brought to our attention.

One of the most exciting things about CallTower:Connect is that the future is wide open. The ability to manage new features in an easy-to-use User Interface creates options untapped in CPS. Implementing new capabilities that were never an option with CPS makes our life fun and exciting. An example of this is the ability to fork an incoming call to an off-net device. (Coming to customers in Q1 of 2014)

One exciting new capability about to be released is the CallTower:Connect User Portal Phone App. Soon you will be able to forward your calls, change your password, and manage other settings right on your smartphone or tablet. Stay tuned for more information.

This is an exciting time to be a CallTower customer and employee. We hope you’ve been able to see the gigantic changes we have been making and we’re grateful to be working alongside you, making your job easier.