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6 Cyber Security Tips for Modern Business Communication

August 24, 2018

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book-chain-computer-39584Communication among company executives, investors, board members, clients, partners and other stakeholders is becoming more important at the same time that it is becoming more vulnerable. Hackers are seeking new ways to disrupt and intercept communication to take advantage in any way possible. This may mean getting inside information for stock market transactions, stealing customer or corporate financial data, obtaining key IP or any number of other communications. For that reason, firms are seeking new ways to protect their communications. These are a few cyber security tips which are extremely useful for communications:

Use Managed Voice Continuity

One of the ways that hackers or malware take advantage of networks is to wait for them to go down. At that time, there are cracks in the network that are much easier to infiltrate. Using managed voice continuity is a way to keep the line secure at all times. There are no breaks in communication that would allow hackers the time and opportunity to infiltrate. Many companies are using this service as back-up protection for their network.

Use Encrypted Messaging Apps

Teams are now using encrypted messaging apps like Telegram and Signal. Rather than being permanently stored on a server like SMS messages, Facebook of WhatsApp, these are encrypted and unreadable by outside parties. Signal is even more effective because the messages disappear after a preset amount of time. In other words, even if a hacker infiltrated a phone, they would be unable to secure old messages that were sent on the Signal app. Skype and other messaging apps are also now experimenting with features that would allow encryption from outside parties.

Rotate Passwords Frequently

One of the simplest ways to protect accounts is to change passwords frequently. Whether that is the account to enter a mobile phone, a laptop, an email client tool or any other network system, changing the passwords frequently is an important way to protect yourself. Network administrators should put timers on all passwords so that they must be changed every few months in order to access the accounts. This prevents hackers from entering an account and then sitting on it undetected for long periods of time.

Encrypted Portals or Messaging Boards

Sometimes it is best to locate all communication on a central, secure location that has been determined to be safe. Each user logs in using a password and multi-factor authentication to a secure site. They can then freely discuss problems or concerns online without fear of being hacked or leaking the information. The site would not be allow copying text and would only be occupied by key executives at all times.

Invest in Anti-Virus Software

Of course, every company should invest in powerful anti-virus, anti-spam tools that constantly monitor for unauthorized software on a network or an individual device. Large service providers already have industrial strength tools that are constantly updated to account for new known malicious software. However, many firms are also building out customized solutions that work for their specific network and needs.

Using Code Words and Discretion

Last but not least, firms should use plain old common sense. This type of discretion has been the watch word of companies for decades. Any time an executive is in a public venue like a restaurant, conference or sidewalk they need to watch what they say about corporate information. For non-secure corporate communication, code words are extremely helpful. This is the tradition when it comes to potential mergers and acquisitions. However, it could be expanded to other areas cover new IP, business innovations, major plans and initiatives.

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