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5 Modern Business Communication Trends to Impact Your Business

August 2, 2018

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accounting-business-businesswoman-38556The axiom "move forward or fall behind" seems more pertinent in today's business world than perhaps ever before. Innovation and adaptation struggles have plagued even the most successful enterprises and you want to make sure you don't join those ranks.  And companies that don't take the proper steps towards modernization find themselves falling behind at an accelerated pace.

The best way to address this struggle is to maintain relationships; relationships within organizations, with partners, with customers and with industry thought leaders as well. The best way to "stay in touch" varies from person to person and company to company, so keeping up on all communication trends becomes critical.

Video Conferencing

While video conferencing has been in use for some time, there were always businesses that had reservations about utilizing it on a regular basis. The amount of bandwidth that video conferencing demanded made it a tough sell for many and it took some time for all of the technical glitches to be removed from the equation.

Now that video compressing and display resolutions have advanced, video conferencing is becoming a must for any modern business that is looking to make a name for themselves. Internet speeds have increased to the point where a business can't afford to not to use video conferencing.

Real-Time Communication

With the advent of the WebRTC protocol, communicating online has never been easier for businesses. All of the necessary collaboration and conferencing takes place without any additional downloads. Being able to conference with collaborators without having to install added programs is a major plus.

The WebRTC protocol supports businesses that wish to video conference and real-time chats can also take place. Document sharing is made easier and this sort of communication is always effective for businesses of all sizes.

Mobile Devices

The modern consumer is far less likely to remain stationary than ever before. Dealing with customers that are always on the go is challenging. These concerns also extend to communications that take place within a company. That's why every modern business that is looking to enhance their ability to communicate must emphasize mobile devices.

As employees continue to spread out and work remotely, businesses will emphasize the use of devices that allow for traditional office functions. Employees can now direct their calls, faxes and other key information to their smartphone and this opens up a whole new world to organizations.

Cross-Platform Integration

The best businesses that achieve the greatest level of success over the long haul are those that are willing to prioritize cross-platform integration. Every office app needs to be integrated so that information can be exchanged more quickly.

Whether an organization is looking to bolster their sales, customer support or marketing plans, there is no shortage of benefits to be had by using cross-platform integration. Consolidation is key and the level of convenience that is provided is second to none.

Collaborative Tools

Improving the communications that take place on an internal level is incredibly important. Instead of relying on e-mail blasts as a means of spreading the word, organizations that are looking to take the next step forward must consider the new realities. With so many employees working in different locations, certain tools are needed.

Team messaging tools ensure that a business' team is always able to share information and that they do not have to be in the same location to do so. Task management and file sharing have never been made easier.

CallTower can assist any organization when it comes to the most pivotal modern business communication trends. To find out more about how we can assist you with all of your endeavors in this regard, be sure to schedule a demo with us today:

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