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3 Ways to Upsell Based on Customer Needs

October 11, 2018

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adult-advice-american-1050297Landing a sale takes a lot of work. You have to market the right products to the right target markets. You have to catch buyers at the right time at just the right price point, and even then you have to make sure there aren't any barriers between them and the sale. 

Once you and your marketing team have invested all of that work in finding customers who are willing and able to buy your products, don't let them go. Instead, do your best to become their go-to resource for all related purchases. That doesn't just involve good sales tactics and great products. It requires the technology so you can seamlessly interact with your customers. Make sure your team is enabled to do these three things:

1. Make Yourself Available

 As competition skyrockets, the little details matter. Hiccups in customer service mean the customer won't come back if they can avoid it, and inconvenience can lose you customers forever. So make sure prospective clients and already paying customers can reach your company 24/7.

This doesn't mean you have to have someone on the phone all day long. It's certainly an option, though. Even though more and more customers (especially younger ones) dislike communicating by phone, it still needs to be a tool in your arsenal. If your company spans multiple time zones, take advantage of that larger coverage.

But modern communication is more than telephones. It's also more than email. Enable your website with chatbots that can handle basic queries quickly and can route complicated questions to the right person. Even if bots can only handle the basics (and they're getting smarter all the time), that cuts down on wait time. You can also use your website as a functional help resource, which doubles as good content marketing, and have video conferencing options for longer negotiations.

2. Evaluate Inherited Leads

 If you're inheriting paying customers, that's a valuable hand-off. That means the market research is already done, you know their likely price range and shopping behavior, and you know what they'll need to buy in the future. 

But if you don't have the resources to see the past, the first few months with inherited customers can be rough. Make sure your company's resources go beyond the CRM or inventory details. Centralize all of the relevant communications in one place. That includes the old emails between the previous account manager and the customer, any tickets with the customer service department, and even internal communications about the customer.

Using an integrated suite of tools like Microsoft's business software makes it easier to comb through information without skipping over details. Integrated suites also offer better security so you don't have to worry about holding onto that information safely.

3. Use Automatic Messages

 Upselling shouldn't be a face-to-face process if it doesn't have to be. For larger sales and more complex clients, personal interaction matters. But, for a lot of your business, there won't be much in the way of negotiations or conversations. So send that work to AI marketers and sales bots.

Email marketing is a great way to reach thousands of customers without going through them one by one. In fact, with AI-assisted email marketing tools, you can create just the right emails for different groups within your customers so they receive targeted messaging.

These same tools offer analytics. You can measure the results of your email campaigns to see which customers respond well to the communications, who doesn't interact with them, and who doesn't like them. Good communication is two-way, so don't ignore the feedback.

Upselling starts with good communication, both within the company and with the customers. Schedule a demo with CallTower to see what communication solutions we can provide your organization:

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