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Why Cisco Webex Could Be Your Best Collaboration Tool

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Comparing two of the most utilized workplace collaboration tools, we’ll outline 6 ways that Cisco Webex could be labeled as superior to Microsoft Teams in a hybrid work environment.

As we entered the height of remote work environments during the covid pandemic, virtual workplace collaboration tools were no longer considered “desirable” but instead deemed a necessity. Per ZK research, with over half of the workforce planning to work from home at least two days a week, it is safe to assume that we have shifted into an era where a long-term hybrid work model sits at the forefront of organizational work structures.

Now with the changes in how organizations work, it is important to recognize the differences between hybrid and solely remote work environments. With remote work scenarios, organizations rely on a single location to manage their collaboration efforts, whereas with hybrid work scenarios, organizations must maintain an equal collaborative experience across different locations.

Now that it has been determined that collaboration tools are the future of how organizations communicate, the question remains of which tool is right for you? Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams generally come to mind when starting this decision-making process. While most may deem Microsoft Teams the clear winner for their hybrid work structure, we’ll share why Cisco Webex could be your best collaboration tool.

Internal and External Collaboration

While both tools allow you to work seamlessly throughout your organization, Webex holds the champion title when it comes to collaborating with those outside of your organization. With Microsoft Teams, you CAN collaborate outside of your primary organization, however once the lines of communication have ended, so does an outside user’s access to it and its features. With Cisco Webex, communication still exists for the user even beyond the close of the meeting or call.

Software and Hardware Integration

 Cisco Webex holds a large advantage over Microsoft teams as its framework includes the hardware, software and cloud backend experience, allowing them to closely monitor all parts of the collaboration tool and ensure that organizations stay exceptionally secure. Microsoft Teams, while also still very secure, utilizes third party vendors which could lead to inconsistencies in functionality and defects in security measures.

Enterprise Calling

As technology evolves, we may have assumed that workplace phone calling has gone with the typewriter. On the contrary, calling is still alive and well. With that said, Cisco Webex has been one of the most trusted names in the telephony industry for over 20 years and has since incorporated additional enterprise capabilities that increase organizational productivity.  Cisco Webex’s integration of both phone and chat all on one secure platform, this puts them at the top of list of collaboration tool providers.

Management Simplified

If it’s one thing Cisco Webex provides itself on, it’s the ability to provide organizations with an unmeasurable level of security with a control hub that allows them to manage all aspects of the collaboration tool while offering real-time network trouble shooting. Microsoft Teams also provides a high level of security; Teams supports software management with all other devices requiring support from third party vendors, which may work better for some organizations.


While to some, Microsoft Teams may seem like an obvious choice as a collaboration tool as many organizations currently hold existing licensing for the platform, however it’s important to evaluate all aspects of your business needs to determine which tool will work best for you.  

At CallTower, we’re here to answer you all of your questions about how we can make Cisco Webex work for you.

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