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What is xCaaS and How Can it Impact Your Organization?

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pexels-mart-production-7709129Since the start of the pandemic early last year, businesses have learned tons of lessons—to guarantee business continuity. In 2020, the biggest part of the workforce transitioned to working remotely. And companies that weren't prepared for the same or didn't transition fast enough either lost massive revenues or, worse, shut their doors. Today, our focus is on xCaaS, which transforms communications and interactions among employees and customers as we know it to refine further remote work and the new frontier—hybrid workplaces.

So, What is XCaaS?

In a nutshell, Experience Communications as a Service (xCaaS) is a combination of cloud-deployed UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) and CCaaS (Contact Centers as a Service) solutions. 

Traditionally, these two services have been discrete. Therefore, experts have been working to establish how we can bring employee experience and customer experience together. With businesses implementing the hybrid workplace model, xCaaS solutions aim to get rid of this demarcation line to offer both the worker and the customer an improved experience from one integrated cloud platform. 

XCaaS brings the following solutions together:

  • PBX, offering all the voice services you need for your business.
  • Chat services, powering optimized and improved team collaboration regardless of where a team member is or what device they're using.
  • Contact centers that offer seamless communication and collaboration with agents, employees, and customers all in one cloud solution.
  • Video conferencing. The backbone of remote and hybrid workplaces is video conferences, and XCaaS solutions come with a secure and reliable video service.
  • Short messaging service (SMS)
  • Analytic and integration tools

Why xCaaS is the Answer

Studies have revealed problems associated with the disconnect between UCaaS and CCaaS. One of the challenges is the creation of information silos. No wonder it's no surprise that about 45% of customers abandon a service or a product based on the experience of having to repeat the same information repeatedly, especially in instances where they get passed from one agent to another. With xCaaS solutions, communications and interactions are in sync, eliminating the need for the client having to retell their story. Also, this eradicates the need to secure small portions of solutions from different vendors, which can especially be problematic and more costly than you probably thought.

Benefits of xCaaS Solutions

1. Data Security, Privacy, and Compliance - Technology is a double-edged sword. As developers discover new ways to solve our day-to-day problems, cybercriminals are also on the lookout to take advantage of any weak point in corporate networks or systems. Dealing with a single integrated platform helps you have the same security protocols across all services and even fulfill regulatory compliance.

2. Efficient and Cost-effectiveness - More than often, scattered solutions mean more time and cost in configurations, provisioning, and integration to ensure every system user is on board. That is, without including the risk of errors and downtime. UCaaS+CCaaS in one single place completely negates this problem.

3. Context - We've talked about the pain customers experience retelling stories and communication silos, especially between workers using CCaaS and UCaaS. xCaaS ensures the same context,  information, and interaction experience between one agent and another or between contact centers and other employees.

4. Improved Analytics, Better Marketing - Integrating customer experience and your employee experience can help you acquire valuable insights by leveraging data obtained from interactions. This can significantly help you improve and market your products and/or services. Having a single vendor and platform means your AI algorithms can better learn and correlate patterns in data to give you an edge in the market.

The Bottom Line

Though relatively new, xCaaS is already gaining immense traction in the fast-growing hybrid workplaces. At CallTower, we're determined to empower your business with our proven xCaaS solutions. These include world-class UCaaS, CCaaS, and collaboration solutions to give your employees the best experience and your customers a memorable impact. Get a free xCaaS consultation from CallTower by clicking below:



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