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Unified Communications in 2021: What Lies Ahead?

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pexels-mali-maeder-110818Communication and collaboration in business has significantly changed over the last few years. The workplace continues to evolve beyond the traditional desks and hardwired phones. Especially today since so many employees are a part of the work-from-home movement. More businesses and organizations are beginning to turn toward Unified Communications (UC) strategies. 

Unified Communications strategies can provide businesses and organizations with a more flexible and supersonic way of communicating and collaborating. There should no longer be a search for a "one-size-fits-all'' solution because that type of solution is not going to get the job done. Unified Communications platforms are able to provide each user with the features and components they need, including the following:

In less than four years, the Unified Communications market is estimated to be worth almost $80B. Every industry in today's world is highly competitive, and it is incredibly important to know what solution could be the right solution for your business or organization. In order for your business or organization to choose the right solution for 2021 and beyond, you will need to know what trends will likely be on the rise. 

1. More Employees Working From Home

This year, we have seen an increase in the number of employees working from home. Many businesses were left without a choice but to switch to remote work. Unified Communications platforms allowed every team to communicate and collaborate effortlessly throughout the shutdowns. The COVID-19 pandemic placed businesses and organizations in a trial run they may have not been prepared for. 

The COVID-19 pandemic also presented the question of why it was so important for employees to commute to work. The shutdown period gave many businesses and organizations the opportunity to re-evaluate their expenses and the costs of maintaining an office after the shutdown. Unified Communications platforms have already proven that it can make working from home easy, and it will continue to do so. 

2. Artificial Intelligence Will Have A Role

One of the major trends in technology is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Companies are constantly collecting large amounts of data on a daily basis, and this makes it impossible to input every data entry into a system manually. This is why Artificial Intelligence continues to make waves in industries. When Artificial Intelligence is teamed with Unified Communications, AI will be capable of analyzing excessive amounts of data that can lead to better business decisions. 

We expect to see a high number of Unified Communications platforms integrating AI in various ways, including the following:

  • Simplifying various tasks
  • Ensuring companies remain compliant and do not violate any regulations

Businesses and organizations that will use Unified Communications platforms integrated with AI will separate themselves from the competition. 

3. No More Physical Endpoints?

Across many industries, many people believe that with the current state of Unified Communications, physical endpoints could soon be phased out. Many people are under the impression that desktop phones and other restricted devices will no longer be used as much. More employees no longer want to feel restricted when using devices. More employees want to be mobile, and desktop phones and hardware PBXs hinder their ability to do that. 

4. Will Phone Numbers Be Phased Out?

As we continue to make our way towards a digitally-driven and software-driven world, could phone numbers become a thing of the past? Today, you can have video conferencing and audio conferencing with people with just an email address.

Many people do not have landline phones today, but the opinions about how long phone numbers will be around will vary. While so people may think the longevity of phone numbers will end soon, many people believe that phone numbers still have a good 20-year run. 



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