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UCaaS and the Hybrid Workplace

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pexels-vlada-karpovich-4939658In the last one and half years, we've changed and learned a lot. Top of the list is where we work from. Throughout 2020 and now in 2021, remote work has been the talk of the town. But companies are starting to realize one thing as even normalcy returns gradually, particularly in the US. Neither can they rely 100%  on remote, nor can all staff fully return to the office environment. Therefore, many are adopting the compromise of the two—the hybrid workplace model.

Hybrid workplace technology aims to keep part of the workforce working in the office while others can remain remote. Some corporates are asking people to choose where they'd like to work from, while others have adopted a model where an employee works some days in the office and others from home.

Yet, as much as this seems smooth on paper, a hybrid workplace brings a new set of challenges. Feasibly, the main one is how to connect your in-office and remote workers for everyone to be reading from the same script. Connecting is about communication. And that is where Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) comes in.

UCaaS solutions make collaboration and communication easy, which is the core of a successful hybrid workplace model. It integrates messaging, telephony, collaboration, and video conferencing in one place to give teams an effective, seamless, and streamlined communication & collaboration platform for productivity. Since it's cloud-based, it has further advantages in that it's highly portable, flexible, and scalable.

Why UCaaS is a Must-Have in the Hybrid Workplace Model

  • Cost-Effective due to BYOD: No matter the location or the device type, staff can connect flawlessly from anywhere. UCaaS mainly makes the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept more practical. A user can use the device of their choice (which they mostly already own)—for example, desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. The direct result of this is that you save upfront costs that would otherwise go to technology investments. Another perk of BYOD powered by UCaaS is that employees enjoy the same functionality irrespective of the platform or device, while enabling them to be productive because everyone mainly uses their favorite device.

  • Portability, Mobility: A disconnect between the in-office and remote teams can be catastrophic. But this can only happen if you rely on some outdated communication solutions like on-premises telephony. UCaaS allows both of these teams to be connected and collaborate efficiently irrespective of where one is located.

  • Data Security, Protection, and Safety: Corporate data is an asset that deserves careful handling and protection against leakage, bleach, or loss. Working with scattered programs, especially to access your on-site servers, can expose your data to cybercriminals. However, UCaaS solutions employ all security measures to make sure nothing from your network ends up in the wrong hands. The servers are hosted in protected data centers with well-implemented data security and redundancy measures to lower risk and ensure business continuity.
  • Eliminating Silos and Improving Productivity: Silos in business lead to disconnect and information often getting lost. A centralized, unified communication environment allows uniformity which slashes silos and boosts individual and team productivity. This is because an integrated communication platform significantly saves time required to connect and promotes willingness among employees to engage more.

Putting Everything Together

As thousands of businesses aim to bridge the gap between in-office and remote workers, UCaaS stands out as the preferred solution to many. UCaaS also comes with another top bonus—timely and on-the-go updates. Meaning any new technology like video and voice quality enhancements (e.g., noise cancellation) can be added at a go. Also, some solutions are incorporating contact centers into UCaaS solutions, making customer service delivery more streamlined.

Do You Have the Right UCaaS Provider?

Finally, locating the right UCaaS provider that understands your business needs determines whether these benefits will remain valid only on paper or not. At CallTower, our goal and focus have always been enabling people to connect easily. To discover which uniquely tailored unified communication, contact center, or collaboration solution fits your business click below for a free UCaaS consultation: 



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