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Tips to Manage Ucaas Solutions in a Global Company

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pexels-fauxels-3183174Many of today's global businesses have migrated to a cloud-based phone system. This blog will discuss managing multiple UCaaS solutions in a multinational company without hassle. UCaaS is an acronym for Unified Communications as a Service. It refers to the ability to integrate live collaboration and communications services like Voice over IP (VoIP) or video conferencing, instant messaging, and web conferencing via one interface or platform that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

1. Connectivity

To manage multiple UCaaS solutions, companies must ensure that the network connection is stable and fast. A high-quality network with lots of bandwidth will enable team members to connect to different UCaaS platforms seamlessly without any difficulty.

2. Security

IT managers must be aware of the security needs of their UCaaS applications. A secure connection is required to ensure that security considerations like data and voice encryption, authentication, and authorization are met. As an additional layer of protection, managers should consider using UCaaS for contact center authentication using federated identity providers and directory services with single sign-on capabilities to provide seamless roaming across multiple domains.

3. Control

IT managers must have centralized control over all UCaaS applications. To increase the quality and productivity of the team members, creating a single unified experience for customer service, regardless of the channel or device, is essential. Centralized control over UCaaS applications will allow businesses to create a seamless experience for the team members and customers, leading to better customer satisfaction and higher customer retention rates.

4. Monitoring

To manage multiple UCaaS solutions in a global company, IT managers must be able to monitor how team members are using UCaaS applications. They must also be able to troubleshoot any problems or concerns arising from using UCaaS services. For example, the lack of skills or training can cause problems and strain the productivity and efficiency of the team.

5. Device Support

To manage multiple UCaaS solutions in a global company, IT managers must ensure that their agents can successfully use and interact with the various UCaaS applications. They also need to ensure that their team members have access to all required devices such as desk phones, mobile phones, and tablets.

6. Intra-Company Support

During any crisis, when a team member cannot access any UCaaS services, the IT managers must have a centralized support team with the requisite skills and expertise needed to resolve issues. This will require managers to decide on a single unified support structure for their different UCaaS applications.

7. Configuration Management

A centralized, standardized configuration management system can ensure that team members can successfully manage their different UCaaS applications. It will also ensure that the entirety of their organization has access to the exact configuration of their UCaaS applications.

8. Multilingual Support

With the increasingly global reach of businesses, more and more companies require multilingual support for their UCaaS applications. Most UCaaS applications come with multilingual support, but if you need to customize further the languages available on your UCaaS application, managers must ensure that they have a staff of native speakers to resolve any language-related issues.

9. Customer Satisfaction

Last but not least, it's essential that managers monitor customer satisfaction and improvements are made where necessary. With a centralized UCaaS management system, managers can easily monitor and track the satisfaction levels of the contact center agents.

To better manage the multiple UCaaS solutions for a global company, managers need to ensure that their network is secure, that all required devices are accessible, and that there is a single unified support structure for all of their individual UCaaS applications. For more information, click on the 'Let's Connect' image below for a free CallTower consultation:



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