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Three Important Things to Know about CT Cloud Voice

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For business customers, managing communications and increasing productivity in today’s dynamic, distributed, mobile economy is extremely challenging. With CT Cloud Voice, network operators can support customers of any size to meet these challenges by quickly and reliably delivering feature-rich, high-quality, and secure business communications solutions.

Here's what CT Cloud Voice delivers to your organization:

  • Auto-attendant
  • Presence
  • SMS Text Messaging
  • Multi-Vendor Desk & Softphone Support
  • Robo Call Screening/Blocking
  • Call Jump between Softphone and Desk Phone
  • 911 Notification
  • CommPortal

But is CT Cloud Voice the right unified communication solution for your organization overall? You may have some questions before you consider implementing, here are some answers:

Question 1: Existing Phones

Every organization is attached to their existing phones and systems, both literally and figuratively, so it's understandable to approach change with caution. Companies wondering if their existing phones will be compatible with CT Cloud Voice need not fear - most phones are completely supported. CallTower's extensive catalog of supported devices likely contains the phones you use, and if that's not the case we'll be able to work with you to achieve a suitable option.

Question 2: New Router or Connection

The possibility of new phones aside, many IT groups might be reluctant to make a change if such a change involves a new router or a special connection. Their concern is not without merit; such changes can be lengthy and costly to implement and may require special skills. Fortunately, CT Cloud Voice doesn't require any new routers or connections whatsoever, saving you time and money. New routers or special optimized connections are, of course, available from CallTower to purchase and use if desired.

Question 3: Mobile Options

Times are changing, and more and more organizations and workers are going mobile and working from outside the office. Will these workers be able to benefit from this robust UC solution? They will indeed. CT Cloud Voice works with a fantastic desktop client, deployable in any network environment. For workers on the move, CT Cloud Voice 'follows' them and their phone number wherever they go so they can enjoy the full power of our solution from their cell phones. Speaking of cell phones, CT Cloud Voice has a unique and useful feature for mobile users: SMS messaging, fully integrated with the solution.

To learn more and to see if CT Cloud Voice is right for you, schedule your demo today:



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