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The New Workforce: Invest In Unified Communications in 2020

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iphone-technology-iphone-6-plus-apple-17663The faces of collaboration and communication are no longer what they once were due to all the changes in the workforce. There is an influx of technological solutions that are available to make it easier to communicate and to make the communication process easier. The tech solutions that we are being introduced to can also make the communication process more efficient. However, once a business or organization begins using a variety of tools and solutions each workday, your employees' daily productivity and efficiency will begin to decrease.

If this is going to be the case, what are you supposed to do? What solutions are available to ensure the productivity of your employees does not dwindle? One of the best solutions available is to introduce a more solid and collective approach to your Unified Communications(UC) strategy. When you create a Unified Communications(UC) strategy that is more collective and efficient, the strategy you create can work to coordinate data, create better business activity, and eventually improve the overall efficiencies of the entire workplace. 

Making improvements to communication and collaboration does not have to be overly complex. In fact, some of the most simple processes and strategies can lead to the best communication and collaboration strategies. Unified Communications tools and strategies can pave the way for your business or organization to have great success in 2020.

The Workforce is Different

Millennials have already driven a surge in the demand for Unified Communications(UC) and now Gen Z is preparing to completely change today's workforce. Businesses and organizations need to be ready to make the necessary accommodations.

Gen Z employees will not have the same outlook and needs in today's workplace as employees from other generations have. Generation Z has been raised on technology and the internet, and they will expect to be employed in a workplace that will allow them to use the technology they have become accustomed to. 

In order for workplace leaders to help Gen Z employees have an easier transition, the leaders will need to increase the amount of UC and collaboration software. We anticipate that Gen Z will be responsible for nearly 40 percent of the workforce by the start of 2021. 

A Better UC Solution Can Improve ROI

When it comes to the amount of money that is being spent on tools and resources in the workplace, what would you see as being more cost-effective? Will it be more effective to implement a variety of collaboration tools for every department, or will it be more effective to find one Unified Communications(UC) tool that will effectively service everyone in the workplace? 

When you can implement a solid unified communications solution that works for your business, you may be surprised at how much money your business or organization can save over time. If at the end of 2019 you vowed to reduce costs in multiple areas of your business, making changes to your communications and collaboration strategies can lead to you meeting that goal. 

When you use a single tool to fulfill all of your communications and collaboration needs in 2020, you can expect to see a generous return on this investment in 2021. 

UC Can Support Mobility

Today's workforce encourages employees to be more mobile and it offers more employees to work remotely. More employees are working remotely at least one day out of the week, and this means that businesses and organizations need to have solutions in place that will fully support remote employees.

An increase in the number of employees who work remotely does not have to mean there will be decreases in productivity and efficiency. Many remote employees will proudly state that they feel their productivity and efficiency are much better when they are tackling work tasks at home.

Remote employees will not be surrounded by all the workplace distractions, they can avoid irrelevant office conversations, and they will not have to worry about the long and frustrating commute to the office. It is important that remote employees are provided with the resources they need to work from home so they can continue to feel like a valuable employee that you appreciate.

If you have plans to welcome the new type of workforce with open arms, we encourage you to seek effective UC and collaboration tools. The Millennials and Gen Z employees are bringing new life into the workforce. 



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