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The Digital Workplace: UCaaS and CCaaS Decouple From the Desk Phone

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pexels-karolina-grabowska-5239913The modern workspace is now capable of going completely digital. Two years ago, we were reeling at the idea of going full remote for most businesses most of the time. Having done so for a few months - or much longer - we see new possibilities opening before us. The tools we reached for as a stop-gap measure are now being reexamined as a core element of the new hybrid and remote workforce.

Two of the rising pillars of business continuity during these changing times are UCaaS and CCaaS.

What is UCaaS?

UCaaS stands for Unified Communications as a Service. This is VOIP turned up to maximum business performance and support capabilities. Unified Communications, commonly shortened to UC is a business communication platform that manages unified messaging and telephone services. Contacts are managed by account so that each employee can stay in touch as if they were at their desk from any location or logged-in device.

Your internal network will have full-spectrum communication

  • VoIP phone network
  • Video conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Collaboration tools
  • Virtual PBX

UCaaS or providing Unified Communications as a service means a curated platform with professional features, dashboards, and a support team facilitating the performance of your UC service.

What is CCaaS?

CCaaS stands for Contact Center as a Service. A communications center or call center is the way companies deal with incoming calls. A contact center can be contracted out or set up in your own office space. But you also need great software to run a contact center, You can find your contact center software available with live, responsive support in the form of CCaaS. 

  • Intake queue for new callers
  • Automated voice menu system
  • Pool to assign calls to agents and technicians
  • Quickly deploy new information and training to all call center workstations
  • Run your call "center" with scattered remote teams
  • Taking service calls into omni-channel
  • Omni-channel for customer service and team internal communication

A CCaaS allows you to build a custom, flexible, and responsive call center solution even if all your team members are working remotely instead of on-site. And, of course, "as a Service" means any trouble you have will be supported by a responsive team.

The Digital Workplace

UCaaS and CCaaS can combine to free a company completely from the need for central office space. You don't even need a phone network anymore for every employee to answer their work number when called and to manage a PBX business call center like a pro. With virtual dashboards, companies can dive into the performance and analytics of how these service platforms are used.

Why tether yourself or your team members to the office in a time when location flexibility is the hallmark of a thriving post-pandemic company? Now is the time to embrace cloud collaboration platforms and business phones that can literally find-and-follow your team members from one device to the next until they pick up the phone.

Virtual Communication

Universal communications is the ultimate the cutting-edge and full-service option for businesses seeking a phone system - or a chat platform - or a video conferencing app. With all-in-one, you can streamline operations and even your messaging systems are unified so that all messages are tracked and archived for optimum transparency.

CallTower is ready to help your business step into the era of the digital workspace. Let us set up your company phones using UCaas and your call-center needs with CCaaS. The time of cloud services has come and resilient businesses are going over the wave. Contact CallTower today by clicking on the image below to learn more about the digital workplace:



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