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Optimize Your UCaaS Network: MPLS vs CT Cloud Boost

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CT-Cloud-Boost_NL-TileUnified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) applications like voice, video, and collaboration tools are taking up a larger share of network bandwidth by corporations and consumers alike. With the real-time nature of UCaaS, it has become even more critical for organization’s network structure to enable reliable and fast internet service. 

MPLS has been the "go-to solution" to support the UCaaS Solutions of organizations and their remote users. However, access to the cloud is too important to rely on a single path. Enterprises shouldn’t have to worry about choppy Internet connections - they should have the pure performance to optimize their organizational network and UCaaS Solutions.

Let's explore the options.

UCaaS Solutions with MPLS

With UCaaS solutions delivering VoIP, video conferencing and cloud applications in real-time, it's critical for an organization’s network structure to deliver low and consistent latencies. MPLS and Public Internet have been the usual suspects for enterprises and remote users to stabilize their communications - but these options have some genuine challenges.

For example, MPLS struggles with extremely long deployment timelines, ranging from 60 to 120 days. This can impede on the business’ expansion initiatives and impact ROI. In addition, MPLS offers limited connection to cloud applications, requires high IT expertise and is very expensive to implement and maintain. With the public internet, remote users can expect unreliable latency and congestion-based packet loss. The result of this choppy system is a subpar collaborative experience - not to mention a very poor support experience.

UCaaS Solutions with CT Cloud Boost

The robust applications of a UC system call for a better, more reliable network. The combination of UCaaS and CT Cloud Boost will provide the quality and experience for real-time applications while improving overall network performance for domestic and international organizations.

CallTower's CT Cloud Boost delivers results by connecting data centers directly to the domestic network backbone and POPs of CT Cloud Boost carriers. Customer traffic hops on this advanced network at the closest POP, delivering a fully redundant architecture. This easy to install connection makes CallTower’s CT Cloud Boost solution quick to implement and optimizes internet performance and uptime - perfect for unlocking the potential of an organization's UCaaS solutions.

When this solution is tailored to the needs of an organization, connectivity issues will be resolved and UCaaS solutions can function at peak capacity. Without these issues, the power of UC can boost both internal and external communication to new heights to achieve strategic goals. Key Features include: 

  • Internet failover and optimization
  • Thousands of Cloud Apps including Microsoft O365 and CRMs
  • Load Balancing and Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Site-to-Site VPN Foundation for a secure network

To learn more and to see if CT Cloud Boost is right for you, schedule your consultation today:



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