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New Year, New Tech: Unified Communications In 2020

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antenna-contact-dawn-dusk-33153Can you believe it is almost 2020? Since the year is almost over, now is a perfect time to think about the strategies you have implemented so far and if the technology you currently have will help your business prosper over the next ten years. When you do take the time to audit the current state of your business how will you determine if your business has implemented the right strategies and tools?

If you are like the majority of businesses and organizations today, you may not be able to determine if the communication system you currently have will be able to provide you with effective service for the next decade. We understand that business owners, managers, and employees have to put so much effort into other areas of the business that they may forget about their communication strategy.

It is important to examine the current communication technologies you have in your business so you can determine if the technologies are impeding your business's performance and restricting the potential for future growth. When you make an attempt to determine if there are more improved ways to communicate and collaborate, you will likely determine that the answer will be "yes". When you find that there are better ways to communicate and take the step to upgrade your technologies, you will quickly realize that making changes to your current communications strategy will result in a great return on the investment you have made. 

What Tech Will Remain in 2020?

If you want your business to be ready for great success in 2020 and the years after, one of the first things you should do is inspect the communication technologies you are currently using. While you are likely not using a rotary phone, there are some technologies you may be using that could be considered as out of date by today's standards. 

What type of phone system are you currently using to communicate? Are you currently using an on-premise PBX phone system to communicate? While this type of phone system can still be effective for some businesses of all sizes, we encourage you to consider other options that will lead to greater productivity and greater efficiency. Many PBX phone systems that are being used in businesses and organizations today are not as efficient as other technologies due to the lack of upgrades and updates.

Unfortunately, businesses have to rely on the manufacturers of the communication technology to determine when or if updates and upgrades will be released. Sometimes upgrades will need to be made in order to continue using the product, but sometimes nothing further will be released and a business will need to replace the technology with the latest product. 

If you are still using a fax machine in 2019, do you plan to be fax-free in 2020? While the fax machine has faded out of many industries, the healthcare industry is one of the industries that is still using fax machines. Interoperability continues to be a major initiative in many industries.

When a business has the right technology, there will be better solutions to communicating and collaborating in a more secure and effective manner. A fax machine is no longer the only option to send and receive documents that need to be completed and signed. Online technologies and software allow businesses to securely send documents that can be completed and signed electronically. 

What Tech Will You Add in 2020?

We encourage every business and organization to look for ways to improve the way the business is being operated. While you are looking for more ways to improve your business, you should not forget about the impact that communication has on your business. There will always be room for improvement and there will always be a new release that can save you a significant amount of money and frustrations. 

As you look ahead to 2020, there are technologies that can make a big difference in your business moving forward. For instance, today many businesses and organizations are connecting and interacting with their target audience through the use of text messaging. Everyone is familiar with SMS messaging, whether they are comfortable using it or not. Text messaging is efficient and effective and will be a great asset to a business's customer service strategy. As more businesses begin to use SMS services, more customers will begin to seek the same from other businesses. 

2020 will bring some incredible innovations and ideas that can greatly improve a business. This year, 5G was one of the hot topics we heard about, but now 2020 is looking like it will be the year that more devices will be connected to 5G. More devices will be connected to the internet and the demand for 5G will increase. 

It does not matter what unified communication technologies you plan to use in 2020, we hope that you will be able to get the most out of the technologies you plan to use. When you partner with a unified communication provider, you will be able to save yourself many frustrations and headaches.



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