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How to Effectively Combine Microsoft Teams Direct Routing with CCaaS

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pexels-tima-miroshnichenko-5453832The landscape of business is changing rapidly and businesses need the ability to communication from anywhere, at any time. Completely supported UCaaS, CCaaS and Collaboration solutions for full communication enablement are vital to business success.

According to Aberdeen’s 2020 Contact Center survey conducted in June 2020 (well after the initial stages of COVID) shows that remote work adoptions has reached 51% -- Indicating an almost triple the increase within just one year. Aberdeen’s 2019 Contact Center survey showed that only 14% of businesses had remote work capabilities in place in 2019.

CallTower delivers native and fully integrated Microsoft Teams Direct Routing which, when combined with our Contact Center as a Solution (CCaaS) offerings, becomes a powerful solution for customer communication. Let's explore these CCaaS offerings below:

Five9 Cloud Contact Center

Business moves fast. So should your contact center. With the simplicity of the Five9 Virtual Inbound Cloud Contact Center (VCC), you can configure your contact center in as little as one hour. Five9 is the market leader in customer implementations with the experience you need to help transform your brittle premise infrastructure into an agile contact center with the ability to scale whenever you need it.

Five9 Cloud Contact Center solution provides the benefits of feature-rich, on-premise systems with none of the hassles. Five9 enables your people with the tools they need to make powerful customer connections while delivering the results your business requires.

With the Five9 contact center, you receive all the features and benefits you’ve come to expect from on-premise contact center infrastructure systems, with none of the complexity and long deployment times. And unlike many other cloud contact center infrastructure vendors, the Five9 VCC suite is built entirely from the ground up for the cloud.

CallTower and Five9 have been partners for more than four years and CallTower was named the 2020 US Reseller of the Year during the Five9 2020 Global Partner Awards. 

CT Cloud Contact Center

CT Cloud Contact Center empowers customers with a full-featured, powerful and complete end-to-end cloud contact center solution. Customers can expect their calls to be answered quickly and their issues to be resolved promptly. Whether your contact center has a few or even hundreds of agents, meeting this demand requires specialized software.

The CT Cloud Contact Center solution is designed to improve contact center operations by reducing IT reliance, streamlining workflow processes, simplifying training, and affecting better decisions through robust analytics.

Contact Center solution can be complex, optimizing them shouldn’t be. With CT Cloud Contact Center’s user-friendly interface and graphical dashboards, enabling your staff to achieve your customer contact goals is easier, more accessible, and more enjoyable than ever before.

Key Features include Data Center with 24/7 network monitoring, Call Center Queues, Workforce Management, Quality Management, Call Center Group, Reporting & Analytics.

 For a free consultation of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing combined with CCaaS from CallTower, please click below to begin the process:



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