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Channel Sales Tips: Creating a Customer Centered Presentation

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customer-centered-presentation-solution-sellingThe basics of selling continue to change right before our eyes. So many once-essential procedures, concepts, and strategies are no longer significant as they once were. However, one of the things that will always have a significance when it comes to sales is the actual sales presentation or pitch. 

The complexities of a channel sales rep's sales pitch continue to progress right alongside the evolution of new and improved communication methods and the sales business as a whole. The presentation aspect of the sales process will always remain, regardless of how many times the strategies and concepts change. 

Crafting Your Sales Presentation

As a channel sales rep, you will need to have the ability to deliver a timely and effective case for the services and products you are selling. The sales presentation you deliver can be the difference in obtaining a customer and losing a customer. The presentation you deliver should effectively showcase the value of the products and services you are offering to your potential customer or client.

You can deliver a pitch that is so effective that it can persuade someone who has never heard of your product/service to purchase from you. The pitch you make when you are meeting with a client or customer should be so interesting and compelling that the client or customer will be drawn into the conversation from the very start.

One of the important things you need to remember today is that your clients and customers will be more invested in the meeting when the presentation is directed towards them. In the past, channel sales reps would use the same sales presentation for every encounter. Sales reps would only be concerned about mentioning the things they felt were noteworthy, and they would do so in a short amount of time. Today, potential customers and clients want the sales pitch of the reps to be more individualized. They also want the sales reps to point out how the product/service can actually benefit the potential buyer.

Consider the Position of the Prospect

One of the best things you can do to improve your chances of having a successful sales meeting is to take time to learn about the person you will talk to. Do you know what the potential buyer needs? Do you know what areas they are currently struggling in? How can the products and services you offer address the concerns and challenges they currently have? 

When you craft your sales presentation so it is more individualized, you will have a better chance of engaging the prospect. Your prospects want to hear about how the products and services you offer can help them and their business as a whole, and learning about them before you make your pitch will allow you to do this. There are valuable resources that can be used to research your prospects. Will you use those resources to improve your pitch?

You can learn about the industry and the business they are apart of by browsing the web and finding relevant information. You can also use your networking skills to connect with others who are familiar with the prospect or others who are part of the business. You will be surprised at how much your sales pitch will improve by taking some time to learn about the person you meet with before you actually meet with them. 

Prospects Want Solutions, Not Products

One of the important parts of your sales pitch is understanding that your prospects are meeting with you because they are looking for a solution to a problem. It is important that you understand your prospects are dealing with a current challenge and they need your help to ensure they do not have any more problems moving forward.

You want your prospects to know that you understand their problem from the very beginning. If they are facing a problem they have not been able to figure out, your prospects probably do not want to hear a story about your life at the beginning of the presentation. You want to engage them from the very beginning, and you can achieve this by being compassionate and understanding from the very beginning.

A powerful pitch does not always happen at the very beginning, but it will eventually come during the entire conversation. During the conversation, you can ask questions about other things they need and other concerns they have. The presentation does not have to be all about the promotion of your products and services. 



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