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Survey Results: Benefits of CCaaS Deployments

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Five9 Contact CenterOriginally posted by Five9:
We all know the Buyer's Journey, right? It's the three stages of a suspect's journey to becoming a customer: first there's awareness of a need, then consideration of options, and finally making a buying decision.

But there's something missing from that popular marketing framework. What about after the sale?

Companies that are truly customer-centric don't stop there. They find out if customers are satisfied with their products and services so they can improve constantly.

In a recent TechValidate survey measuring the satisfaction of cloud contact center solution customers, it's interesting to see the quantifiable difference that deploying a Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution made to many enterprise businesses. These results will be of interest to any enterprise looking to justify switching to a new cloud contact center solution.

When reviewing these statistics, keep in mind the results may vary by CCaaS vendor. These survey results reflect the opinions of customers of CCaaS provider Five9, which commissioned the research as part of its commitment to a customer-first focus.

Top benefits realized after deployment


Customer References verified by TechValidate.

Nearly 65 percent of survey respondents cited the ability to scale for business growth as a critical benefit realized after deploying their Five9 solution. An all-cloud solution is by far the fastest, easiest way to respond to new strategies, changing demand, and market dynamics.

 Rounding out the top three benefits realized after deployment: automated dialing for improved contact or conversion rates, and overall increased agent productivity, two key drivers that motivate today's enterprises to upgrade to a modern CCaaS solution.

Managers benefit, too


Customer Evidence verified by TechValidate.

Agents aren't the only ones who show increased productivity with a CCaaS deployment; managers can get more done as well, particularly when it comes to agent monitoring and KPI reporting.

Prior to integrating their CRM with a cloud contact center solution, 56 percent of those managing 50 or more agents said they had limited reporting capabilities. And 45 percent claimed supervisors had limited visibility of agent efficiency.  These business intelligence challenges were solved with Five9's enhanced reporting features, including real-time dashboards, pre-built report libraries, and easy report scripting.

 What about costs?


Customer References verified by TechValidate.

After deploying Five9, managers from both large and medium enterprises have seen operational costs decline, primarily as a result of the uptick in productivity. Fifty-three percent found wasteful spending eliminated through the combined effect of improved reporting and supervisory tools for agent monitoring.

Over 40% said they now manage more calls with less or an equal amount of agents, implying both headcount savings and a positive contribution to ROI. Interesting to note is the likelihood that many survey respondents switched to the cloud from an on-premise system, as 43 percent said they'd minimized or eliminated hardware needs with the Five9.

Annual savings


Every contact center with over 50 agents reported annual savings after their CCaaS integration. Nearly one quarter of respondents said they saved 50,000 dollars—or more—annually.

Vertical industries recognize unique benefits

Two industries in particular have found compelling reasons to go cloud: financial services and healthcare. While both industries benefited from the rapid deployment time, improved call quality, and improved customer service (as measured by FCR metrics, NPS scores, and internal customer sat metrics), there were some distinctions in their CCaaS benefits.


Customer Survey verified by TechValidate.

Nearly 70 percent of healthcare contact centers claimed their deployment has increased agent productivity. That's a stunning uptick in operational effectiveness. And 50 percent realized they had gained the ability to both scale for business growth and use automatic dialing to improve contact or conversion rates.


Customer Proof verified by TechValidate.

To compare the industries, more financial services respondents—58 percent— said that automated dialing was a key benefit, while slightly fewer—46 percent—cited scalability.

These industry differences reflect differing operational needs and strategic goals, indicating, for example, that those financial services companies surveyed do more outbound, while healthcare providers have complex, integrated workflows that benefit tremendously from streamlined processes.

The good news for all industries being, that a top CCaaS solution can easily flex to the unique needs of every operation, adding flexibility, reducing complexity, and increasing the bottom line.

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