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3 Big Mistakes To Avoid When Selling in the Channel

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blurred-background-cellphone-coffee-842554Generally, customers will form an opinion about a company before the selling process ends. There are many prospects who will try to find any reason to not purchase a product from you. If a buyer does not have a positive interaction with your sales team, there is a great chance that they will not want to have any future interactions with your business. 

Channel sales representatives are  under pressure to perform at a high level, but everyone will run into some challenges at some point and make a few errors. Some of the mistakes that are made may result in hesitation on behalf of the sales prospect. Are there things sales representatives can do to avoid making mistakes that will result in missed sales opportunities? Yes. Here are some of the things channel sales reps can do to avoid making some of the common mistakes:

Tip 1: Research Is Key

Many buyers and prospective buyers are hoping their buying process and experience is customized to fit their wants and needs. Every buyer and the prospective buyer will have their own missions, goals, and challenges. It is important that channel sales reps are equipped with the right research. The research that is obtained can be used to personalize the sales process.

The customization of the sales strategy will go beyond a simple PowerPoint presentation. People will know when a sales rep has taken the time to tailor a presentation or an email just for them and when they have used a basic template that was sent out to other prospects. If you want to customize your sales strategy for your prospective buyers, the content you create will need to match the wants and needs of the prospective buyer.

Tip 2: The Honesty Policy

When your prospects or buyers are looking for answers from you, they do not want you to lie to them. Not being honest with your prospects and buyers may result in a sale, but you will jeopardize your chance to create a long-lasting connection and relationship. The buyers you lie to will not become the loyal customers you are looking for and they will not become the brand ambassadors you need. If your prospects are looking for products and services that yours cannot do, they will eventually discover this.

Can you imagine what dishonesty will due to your reputation as a sales rep and the reputation of the brand you are representing? If your product or service can add value to the buyer's business, you should be able to share that information with ease. If you have a hard time finding ways that your product or service can add that value, this could mean your product or service is not meant for that buyer.

Tip 3: Produce Engaging Content

In your mind, do you bring relevance and value to your prospects and customers? If you are adding value to your prospects and buyers, this means that you are providing great insight that they can use to improve their business or organization. Being valuable will also mean that you are ready to step in and offer the support they need at the right time. 

As a channel sales rep, you can offer a significant amount of value to your prospects and buyers by providing them with the information they need in all areas of the sales process. When they are faced with challenges and need your help with solving problems, you should be equipped with the tools and resources you need to solve those problems. You may be surprised at how producing and sharing the right content at the right time will increase your efficiency and productivity levels. 

During your interactions with prospects, we encourage you to spend more time listening than talking. When you listen to the needs and obstacles they are facing, you will be more equipped to solve their problems because you will have a better understanding of their needs. You do not want to make any guesses when it comes to your prospects, so it is important that you always have the right information. When you demonstrate the ability to listen and understand their concerns, you will be on your way to developing long-lasting relationships with your prospects. 



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