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Why You Should Move from PBX to Microsoft Teams

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www.calltower.comwp-contentuploads202003microsoft-teams-Aug-28-2020-04-56-10-86-PMMicrosoft Teams isn't just a hub for teamwork, it's a platform for all forms of effective business communication. If you're not already familiar with it, Teams is based in Microsoft's Office 365 cloud platform. This makes it a one-stop shop for Instant Chat, Team collaboration, audio and video meetings and document sharing and it is gradually replacing solutions like Skype for Business, Slack or Zoom.

But Teams has evolved into a fully-fledged, global phone system as well, which can effectively replace your traditional phone system. Teams, when combined with networks and solutions from a Direct Routing Partner like CallTower, is also highly competitive in functionality and cost when compared to other modern Cloud based phone systems.

If you're using Office 365 the chances are your organization already has Teams, and some if not all users will be making use of it's collaboration and chat features. If so, you are already halfway to having Teams as a phone system, and need only to add on the appropriate license extension and calling plan from a qualifying partner.

There are a number of reasons why Microsoft Teams should replace a legacy PBX system:

  • As with other Office 365 applications, Teams is constantly on the latest version of the platform and product, thus ensuring security and functionality at its best.
  • If you already have an Office 365 subscription then you are part of the way to having Teams as a phone system.
  • It provides the same kind of functionality as a PBX Phone system including call queues, hunt groups, music on hold, auto attendants, group pickup, number blocking, voicemail, time based policies.
  • A number of different handset makes and models to choose from including headsets, touch screen phones and conference room equipment or you can choose to use your mobile phone or PC softphone client.
  • Easily deploy Internationally; Teams is a single unified phone system globally. It can work in the office, at home, on a PC using the softphone client and on a mobile simultaneously.
  • Flexibility of choosing from inclusive calling plans for domestic and international calls or a hybrid approach of using your internet provider for a calling plan.
  • Integration with all other features of Teams as well as Office 365 in general, including email, calendar, SharePoint, document collaboration, team chats.
  • You can port all of your existing phone numbers into Teams or choose all new numbers for any locations and apply them to users and / or groups in any way you want.

Not convinced? For a free consultation of how your company can migrate to Microsoft Teams Direct Routing from CallTower, please click below to begin the process:



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