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What's New with Microsoft Teams in 2023?

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After the 2020 pandemic, remote work has picked up a lot, and going into the next years; it will keep growing. Most people coming into the workforce need such independence to offer productivity. Microsoft has been looking at ways to ensure the dream is fully realized with the likes of Microsoft Teams.

But Microsoft Teams has a lot to it that you need to understand to utilize it fully. And as we head to 2023, a few new things may come in, and updates for existing features. Below is what you should be looking at with Microsoft Teams in 2023. 

Microsoft Teams Premium

Teams is all about teamwork and the first new feature you should look at for next year are large group calls, virtual appointments, and webinars being taken to a new level. If you have already used Teams before, think of this new feature as more personalized, intelligent, and highly secure than what you know. The new premium versions that will be rolled out in February at no extra costs or add-ons as all costs will be bundled in one. 

1. Meeting Guide

Most online meetings start at the default setting and can be difficult to adjust. With the Teams premium, you get a guide on how to create meetings according to your needs. It is also easy to customize the specific needs, and you can choose a guide from the available options.

2. Intelligent Recap

Artificial intelligence is certainly a great move, and Microsoft wasn't going to be left behind with Teams new feature. With this feature, you can use AI on the Premium version to set up meetings, whether present or absent. It also ensures that you don't miss any follow-up – it is more of a virtual assistant.

3. Smart Devices

You can also look to smart devices when you look up what Teams has in store for you in 2023. One of the devices you will be looking at is the Yealink SmartVision 60 Intelligent camera. The camera is a 360 panoramic that is designed for Microsoft Teams rooms.

The Microsoft engineers have worked with Yealink, Ricoh, and NVIDIA to design and create this camera from scratch. The camera allows all remote attendees to see everyone in the room within their frame. It is also expected that the camera should have additional support for people recognition in the next months.

4. Virtual Appointments

Today, virtual appointments are necessary as they allow better engagement with audiences and encourage business growth. The new Teams Premium gives users an advanced Virtual Appointment that allows an end-to-end experience. This is nothing like what you'll experience when you use Microsoft 365 or Office. Some of the reasons why this feature is different and offers a better experience include:

  • Easy to use – you don't need to be technically inclined or even download the Teams app to use it. You'll get a text and use it to join the appointment through a mobile browser.
  • Efficient Appointment management – most platforms aren't integrated, and it can be tough to manage appointments. With Teams premium, all appointments are set up and managed in one place.
  • Measure Analytics – You can't see the overall customer experience and trends to improve the business without the right metrics. With Microsoft Teams Premium, you get a full insight into all virtual appointments. Some insights include wait times, no-shows, and other organization analytics.

5. Advance Webinars

Webinars are quite hard to pull off, and you need to stand out when you set one up. Distractions are a huge part of why it can be hard to pull off a successful webinar, but with Teams, you can break the barrier and engage the attendees. Office 365 and Microsoft 365 already offer webinar functionalities but won't match the Teams Premium version. Connecting with the audience is much easier, and you can use it to communicate with prospects, promote new products, or onboard new employees. 

Microsoft Teams is certainly a game-changer in the remote work setting. Its main focus is ensuring teams can operate virtually and improve the overall experience while at it. Going into 2023, these are some of the new aspects of Microsoft Teams that you need to look towards. For a free Microsoft Teams consultation from CallTower, please click on the 'Let's Connect' image below:



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