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What is Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams?

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Operator-Connect-PRToday, Microsoft Teams has 145 million day-to-day active users. Teams is the leading technology in the transition to flexible work. Companies are on the same page when it comes to hybrid work as the future operating method. Companies globally are transforming their tech stack to support worldwide spread teams. Microsoft Teams has emerged as more than a tool for collaboration, growing at a fast rate.

Operator Connect is the newest addition to Microsoft's list of solutions for calling functionality. Operator Connect is one of the new Teams features, an operator-managed service that simplifies the connection of the company's PSTN to Teams Phone.  

Operator Connect is a part of the Team's obligation to provide unique calling experiences to suit every kind of business. The system is operator-managed and makes it simple to involve your operator in Teams with minimal issues. IT groups will connect to their provider and allocate numbers to their users via a Teams admin dashboard labeled the "Operators "tab. There will be no essence for any carrier negotiations or telephony know-how.

Why Pick Operator Connect? 

  • Convenience: Operator Connect is a perfect solution for businesses aiming to reduce headaches of onboarding their PSTN solution into Teams. Operator connect partners handle all the complex stuff for your company. You won't have to worry about purchasing private Session Border Controllers.
  • Reliability: Operator Connect associates with Microsoft to get direct peering among the Team's platform and the SIP trunking infrastructure. The Microsoft crew assures a greater level of trustworthiness. Companies have already started migrating into the Teams phone system with a SIP trunk enterprise that isn't an Operator Connect associate. They can either proceed with their migration or postpone till their operator becomes certified.
  • Pricing and Coverage: An organization may require voice services in areas that Microsoft doesn't include the Calling Plans. Many companies are aware that the minutes provided through bundles are not needed, and it's better to pay for the minutes used.
  • Call Quality and Data Security: Operator Connect operates through reliable cross-connects. These are direct remote links between the carrier and Microsoft networks. Few people use the public network that your calls need to go through to connect, leading to better security and quality.
  • Users With Unlike Needs: There are minimal circumstances when your company may choose to match and mix Direct Routing and Operator Connect. For example, you can have teams that require standard telephone functionality and can be added via Operator Connect. Moreover, other teams with advanced call queues need that can only be completed through Direct Routing.

Benefits of Operator Connect  

Operator Connect unlocks various benefits like:

•    You get to keep your desired contacts and operator while facilitating a modern Teams calling experience.
•    It only takes minutes to assign and connect phone numbers to users and do everything in the Teams admin center.
•    Improved support and reliability from operators to enhance the support service.

Operator Connect offers an exciting offer to enterprises with rather ordinary needs. It also provides cost reductions for smaller businesses that may not have the resources to cope with many carriers and would relatively deal through Microsoft systems as much as possible. 

At CallTower, we're determined to empower your business with our proven video conferencing solutions. These include Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams and other collaboration solutions to give your employees the best experience and your customers a memorable impact. For a free Microsoft Teams consultation from CallTower, please click below:


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