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How UC Network Reliability can Boost Your User Experience

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It is important to know that when it comes to investing in Unified Communications (UC), the user experience will be one of the main determining factors in whether the business fails or succeeds. Above everything else, the communication service needs to actually work. Who wants to be a part of a board meeting where the video calls are constantly dropping? It is also important to have a call center that can deliver voice services of the highest quality so your call center team can deliver outstanding customer service. 

How are you currently doing when it comes to user expectations? The quality of your user experience (UX) can be determined by a variety of things, primarily the service network and the technology being used. These are the main factors that should be evaluated before a unified communication solution is chosen. The network your UC solution will run on should be a major part of your decision-making and purchasing process. 

Why Is The Network So Important?

The performance of your network matters a great deal because there are certain things that cannot be changed no matter how long they are discussed, such as network latency. The network is the hidden communication messenger that is needed in all businesses, regardless of the industry. Your network needs to be able to provide you with the dependability and reliability you need to keep your video calls and your voice calls from going out, especially when you need it the most. In order for you to have the reliability and dependability you need, you will need to have effective bandwidth control. You will also need to ensure that you have a clear video performance and a clear voice performance at all times. 

UC Components and Features

As you begin to look around for unified communication solutions, you will begin to notice that many of the components and features are the same. Many of the Unified Communications solutions you have heard about will all include video conferencing, voice conferencing, voicemail-to-email, and much more. There will be some features and components that may sway you in either direction, but if you only need a few features, a solution that has the basics will likely fit your needs. This is why it is important to discuss your network before making a decision on your UC solution.

What is The Best Network?

There are some communication providers that will not offer any managed services with their Unified Communication solution. Some Unified Communications providers will talk about all of the technology and features they offer without mentioning how important the network connection is. If you are using broadband internet access, you will soon discover that you will experience delays on the network as time goes on. When you are using applications and software that is critical to your success, it is important that those solutions are used on networks that can actually handle them.

If you make the decision to use one provider for your network access and one provider for your UC solution, your network provider will tell you to contact your UC provider and vice versa. This will indeed create a frustrating experience on your part. UC solutions that provide their own network to go along with the technology they offer can stand apart in the competitive market. When you partner with a provider that also has experience in providing outstanding network service can provide you with the answers you need for your technology and network issues. 

Before you decide on a Unified Communications solution, we recommend that you are able to answer the following questions first:

  • Will it be better to have a separate network provider and a separate Unified Communications provider?
  • Will your UC solution provider guarantee that you will not experience any delays or other issues?
  • Will your network provider be able to provide you with the tools you need to offer you outstanding reliability?

Do you want to experience what it is like to have an outstanding customer experience and a guaranteed communications performance? Do you want to have a high-quality multi-channel communications solution? For more information on the solutions we offer, please contact us about a demo today:



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