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Unified Communication Can Improve Work From Home Productivity

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laptop-computer-on-brown-wooden-desk-1263558No company wants to develop new strategies and policies based on fear of the unknown. Unfortunately, that is the position many businesses have found themselves in due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Establishing new systems and strategies quickly without having the chance to give it much thought can lead to the decline of a business.

Establishing systems and processes before you actually need them will allow you to answer questions from any employee who may show signs of concern. For many employees, they are still transitioning to work from home. No one anticipated that the coronavirus outbreak would change some lives temporarily and others permanently. 

Today's workforce includes seasoned remote workers and new remote workers. Many business leaders do not have the option of choosing between compromising success and operating a well-run business. As many companies realized quickly, the business world is not going to wait for anyone.

Thankfully, for those who are working from home, Unified Communications can make the transition easier with an effective UCaaS platform. UCaaS can greatly improve productivity, empower employees, allow employees to communicate freely and on their own terms, and fulfill more responsibilities at the end of the workday. One great benefit of UCaaS is that it has the ability to provide a comprehensive platform for employee communication. A team can be in the midst of managing more than one application, and this will not lead to greater productivity. 

When there is one single platform, communication can be easily streamlined and simplified. UCaaS remains in the cloud, so if you have access to a stable internet connection, then all employees will be able to experience the same video and call quality they would if everyone was still in the office. UCaaS allows employees to share files, chat, have video meetings, and share their screens. 

Higher productivity can definitely be achieved when the right UCaaS platform is implemented. In order for a workforce to be more productive, the company culture must provide the right tools and resources. Here are a few ways UCaaS can lead to greater productivity for remote workers.

Mobility = Increased Productivity

UCaas can easily facilitate access. With more employees working from home in order to ensure the company remains competitive in its industry, mobility certainly has to be a priority. When workers are able to work freely from their current location, they will be able to communicate and collaborate with their team members. Mobile employees will be able to respond quickly to concerns and questions of their team members without facing any limitations.

Responding In Real-Time

While many traditional phone systems had features that were able to help employees save time, those phone systems were not portable. A UCaaS platform can use the features that we were accustomed to seeing on a traditional platform, but those features would be improved. For example, today's voicemails can be received in the form of an email.

If a member of a team misses a phone call from another member, the voicemail that was left can be found in the email inbox. A quick response to the voicemail will result in better teamwork and it can lead to better customer support because the issues are being received and responded to in real-time.

Magnified Collaboration

Companies operate better when employees are able to work together to solve internal and external problems and create new ideas. One of the great things about collaboration is that everyone does not have to be in the same room for it to work. A UCaaS platform will allow collaboration to happen with no limits.

A team can remain connected in one network. Everyone can work together in various ways, including virtual meetings and messaging. Easy communication can result in easy collaboration. When everyone is able to work on the same tasks and share the information that has been obtained, it leads to greater results because of the teamwork that is taking place daily. 

Is your Unified Communication platform helping or hurting your business? Using a Unified Communications platform can certainly lead to better efficiency and productivity. Using UC communication platforms that are outdated can negatively impact productivity, and it can negatively imapct how others view your business.



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