A Complete Unified Communications and Collaboration Recording Solution for Skype for Business and Cisco.

UC Recording

Moving communications to the cloud improves productivity and saves money.  In today's marketplace, it has also become a competitive factor.  

If your competition is in the cloud, they are faster and more productive. If you have compliance concerns, you may think that you cannot move your business to cloud communications. 

With UC Recording, you may be closer to elevating your business to the cloud and increasing your advantage on the competition.

In a UCaaS environment, there are many occasions that recording is of great value or simply required. With UC Recording you are able to record chat, voice and video from a single platform.  This creates a complete unified communications and collaboration solution for hosted Skype for Business and Cisco.

UC Recording provides you with secure web-based access, on open architecture (HTTP/HTTPS), as well as media storage with high compression.  The tool easily integrates with third party solutions such as intranets, CRM, etc.  It is managed on existing SQL Server clusters. 

What types of business can benefit UC Recording?

There are many types of companies that this kind of technology is necessary when moving to a UCaaS solution. 

  • Corporate Finance / Financial Services / Accountants
    • Separating client teams of competitors
  • Law firms
    • Separating legal teams of potentially adverse parties
  • Journalism
    • Separate Editorial and Advertising arms
  • IT/Security
    • Avoiding copyright infringements / clean room designs
    • Avoiding information leakage
  • Enterprise Procurement
    • Separate internal teams from vendors

The process of evaluating all business practices and customer service levels to ensure that customers are receiving the best quality experience is crucial.  Your business must ensure that defined quality standards for interactions are met and evaluate agent performance.  With UC Recording you are able to identify customer needs and expectations, and identify training needs for your team.

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