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Top 5 Reasons to become a UCaaS White Label Partner

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White-Label_icn.pngDo an online search for UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) and you will find an abundance of information on how fast this industry is evolving and growing. 

Why is it growing so fast?  Simply put, it is good for business.  Unified Communications empowers business with simplified communications tools that allow teams to collaborate and communicate effectively and efficiently in today’s dynamic workplace.  

According to MarketandMarkets, trends are indicating that UCaaS market expected to grow to USD $24.88 Billion in 2020!

Here are 5 reasons to keep in mind when considering if your business should White Label CallTower’s UCaaS solution.

1.  Stay Ahead of Competitors and Build your Brand

By delivering UCaaS White Label, you can offer more to your customers than the competition. With a complete unified communications and collaboration portfolio, you will increase your customer retention and avoid losing customers to other competitors.

When you work as an agent for another company selling its UCaaS solution, you can’t really cultivate your own brand. White labeling solutions are sold under your brand, so you can steadily build your business without signing over rights to another company. You control every aspect of your business and customer relationship. The quality of the service and customer experience reflects back on you. That builds both your brand and customer loyalty. 

2.  White Label Skype For Business & Cisco UCaaS Solutions

With a UCaaS White label solution, there’s no need to build a platform from scratch. You don’t have to commit time or financial resources to developing, testing and deploying the solution. White Labeling allows you to take advantage of a fully-vetted solutions portfolio, increasing the amount of quality cloud communication services you can offer to your customers. By delivering White Labeled hosted, Skype for Business and Cisco solutions you increase customer satisfaction and retention, and attract new customers. 

3.  Own your Customers & Double your margins

CallTower's White Label program enables Technology resellers to build a predictable monthly-recurring revenue base. White Label partners double their gross profit margins through a predictable cost model.   While you are in control of your UCaaS White label program, you are never alone. When you sell CallTower’s White label solutions, you receive full training for support and implementation.

CallTower’s White Label program is built so you don’t need to worry about the structures behind the scenes, allowing you with more time to focus on business growth and customer relationships. The same cost savings applies when new or enhanced services are developed and launched. Those development costs belong to the UCaaS service provider, not you.

4.  Cookie Cutter Program Designed for Long Term Success 

With our White Label program, you keep all your customers as your own. There is no need for your customers to take their business elsewhere, when you provide the tools they need to grow their business.

5.  Do you Qualify? 

With three questions, you can quickly assess if you are ready to become your own White Labeled UCaaS provider:

  1. Do you do your own billing?
  2. Can you facilitate Tier 1 Support?
  3. Do you manage Installations?

If you answered yes to all three of those statements, you are ready to take the next steps in this powerful solution set to your portfolio. 

UCaaS technology is the future of business communications and eventually it will be on your customers’ road map, if it isn't already.  You want to be the one that delivers the solution they are looking for.   CallTower's Skype for Business and Cisco solutions are game-changers for hosted PBX customers. We have developed the first enterprise-grade hosted platform that picks up where many on-premises and cloud PBX solutions fall short.

What CallTower can deliver to organizations is a Unified Communications solution for IM, presence, audio, video and web conferencing, that are all Native to Skype for Business and Cisco. CallTower does not offer third party solutions.

Our solution is Native to Microsoft, Office 365 and Cisco.  These solutions are hosted in the CallTower data centers so there are no integration issues or lack of feature/ functionality.

Ready to learn more about our UCaaS White Label Program


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