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3 Tips to Pull Ahead in Telecom Channel Sales

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adult-beautiful-caucasian-914931The primary way to gain an advantage over the competition is your ability to find success in closing telecom deals, and closing the faster than your competition. It can be quite frustrating and depressing to have appointment after appointment without completing a sale; no one wants to spend nearly an entire day working hard with no results.  

Now is the perfect time for channel partners to hone their skills to generate leads and turn those leads into long-term customers. Here are some tips to make that happen:

Tip 1: Develop a Unique Approach

Your telecom prospects are receiving numerous phone calls on a daily basis, so it is important that you are able to set your team apart from the other competitors. Your sales team should avoid sounding like your average salesperson on the telephone. Instead, we encourage you to use a different, fresh approach to selling your phone services and internet services. 

You want your prospects to have an intriguing experience over the phone, unlike any other conversation they've had with a salesperson. Instead of just getting your point across and make your sales pitch, we encourage you ask unrestricted questions and work together to create the ideal innovative solution. After you work together to create this solution, you can introduce how other telecom solutions you are selling can correspond.

Tip 2: Understand Your Leads

If you want to close deals quicker than your competitors, your sales process will need to include a solid lead qualification process. If a potential customer has already given you multiple "No" responses, you probably don't want to waste your time or your resources. All of your prospects can qualified early in the business relationship. When your prospect is sufficiently qualified or the proper connection is made, you can adjust your pitch and persuasion accordingly.

Tip 3: Know The Competition

Telecom sales are competitive rather than extemporary. This is largely in part due to telecommunications being a built-in cost in many business budgets, especially with small- and medium-sized businesses. However, these business owners have an understanding of the competition; they will know they can always find another telecom service if their current service is not meeting their needs.

In order to beat your competition, you'll need to understand what their current telecom provider is doing and not doing. Once you know what problems they are having with their current telecom provider, you will be able to solve their problems with your services and products. When the topic of your conversation involves the difference between the products and services, you will be able to beat your competitors to the close.

People want to work with partners they will be able to trust and grow with. Trust is about more than honoring the commitment you have made, it is also about being professional and reliable. Will you always do what you say? When a problem arises, will you be able to resolve the issue as quickly as possible? Will you be a reliable partner and show interest in improving your partner's business?

As a channel partner, you do not want to be caught in a clash with your competitors. If you want to maintain a competitive advantage, arrange a demo today:



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