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Stay Up to Date with Office 365

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As communication and technology change, mobility becomes more and more important in our modern world. Many businesses are making the decision to have a dynamic, or mobile workforce with multiple locations,  across the globe. To effectively manage communications in a multi-location workplace, it is important to have tools in place that enable easy and dependable collaboration.

Office 365 is the fastest growing commercial product in the history of Microsoft, and it offers collaboration and productivity without boundaries. Using the familiar Office applications combined with the power of the cloud, Office 365 lets you work virtually anywhere, anytime, across your devices. 

How is O365 a Collaborative Environment?

With Office 365, you can setup a social network that helps your company stay connected, share information across teams, and easily connect with your colleagues or customers with the simple click of a button.  O365 provides the way to deliver your best work with new and innovative features throughout each Office application.  While staying connected and saving important messages with business-class email, you can also protect your business and employees from malware and spam with always up-to-date security and email protection.

  • Your Office – when and where you need it
  • Work together – collaborate with others in real-time
  • Built around you – just sign in and pick up right where you left off
  • Automatically Updates – Cloud updates = zero downtime
  • Stay Connected – 99.9% up-time guarantee

Built for Growth

As your business grows, you will need to purchase new equipment, accessories, software and other expenses to faciliate your growth.  With the move to O365, you now have access to the cloud and there are no big upfront costs and no need to worry about upgrades or new software expenses.

The Office 365 cloud-based solution offers organizations incredible return on investment (ROI) and increases productivity. It's important to consider the appropriate time to transition to a cloud-based solution in order to minimize disruption. The best time to move to Office 365 is when your organization will need to refresh servers for improved file storage, communications, or e-mail updates.

  • Move away from costly hardware updates.
  • Avoid the capital cost of maintaining hardware.
  • Avoid maintenance and disaster recovery costs (both monetarily and in time consumed).
  • An average 40% savings over a five-year period for most organizations.
  • Reduce the stress, time, and cost of having your internal IT team conduct server refreshes.

Staying Updated

With Office 365, your team will always have the most up-to-date version of Office applications. Microsoft cloud productivity keeps your solutions automatically updated with the latest features and functionality. 

If you're concerned that migrating to Office 365 will disrupt your current business workflow, please contact us for a consultation right away.  We can assess your systems and make sure you have a solid migration plan in place. A well implemented migration will have an immediate impact on overall productivity, accessibility, communication and collaboration in your workplace. 

Ready to learn more about Office 365? 

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