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Solution Selling in the Channel: Focus On Your Prospects

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Every successful channel sales representative will understand that there are skills and experiences that can be a major asset to his or her overall success. Today, buyers are being more cautious than they have probably ever been, and it is important that channel sales representatives are fully prepared when they are trying to close sales. 

We know that making phone calls and having face-to-face contact with someone you hope to sell a product to can be overwhelming and frustrating at times. You are taking on the responsibility of warming up a potential customer you are trying to turn into an ongoing customer. The entire process can be very difficult, especially if you are not comfortable doing so.

If you have been facing trouble closing a sale, this could mean that your potential customer does not feel that it is important for them to make a change at the moment. The potential customer may be interested in hearing about what you have to offer, but he or she may not be ready to commit to buying the product or service.

What can you do to become better at selling products and solutions as a channel sales representative? 

Focus on the Other Person

When you first make contact with the prospective customer, your attention should be on that person. Not only should your attention be on the prospect but your questions should be centered around him or her. You do not have to focus all of your attention on what you do and what the company you are representing does. The conversation should be centered around them. You will be able to sell more products and solutions when you become comfortable talking to the client about what he or she wants and needs from you.

Ask The Right Questions

If you want to make it easier on yourself to make a sale, we suggest that you create all of your questions ahead of time. All of your questions should be well-planned and thought out. When you have carefully planned your questions, you will be surprised at how easy it will be for you to transition throughout the conversation. The questions should also be organized and asked in a reasonable sequence; you may want to start with the general questions and make your way to the questions that are more specific. 

Don't Add Pressure

We know how important it is to provide your prospects with information, but you do not want to overwhelm them with too much information at once. You can make it easier on yourself and your prospect by having one folder that has enough information to reel the prospect in. If the prospect asks for more information, you can take a moment to retrieve the additional documents you need. Both sides will feel more relaxed and at ease when they do not have to worry about going through multiple folders of documents. 

Explain Solution Benefits

With every customer, your solution or product should provide a benefit. The benefit of your products and solutions should be a trigger that will persuade them to purchase a product or service from you. When you make contact with a prospect for the first time, you should find out what doubts the prospect have about purchasing from you. Once you know where the hesitation comes from, you will be able to share the benefits and advantages of buying a particular product or service from you.

You want your product or solution to help your prospect make the right decision. If it does make sense for them, they will ultimately make a purchasing decision. We encourage you to focus on creating strong and healthy relationships. If you are honest and confident in yourself and your ability, you will find great success. 



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