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Skype for Business Local International Phone Numbers

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International and domestic Skype for Business local conference numbers available December 2017

CallTower is pleased to announce another tool to enable you to connect: Skype for Business Local International Phone Numbers. Skype for Business improves business communication and collaboration by streamlining interactions with employees and customers across the globe Skype for Business enables your business to boost productivity and save valuable money by enabling international calls and meetings with anyone and keeping your communications secure, private and controlled.

How Local International Numbers Benefit You

CallTower's new local international numbers will be a boon to our customers, especially those whose operations span the globe. It will also enable our customers to expand their Skype for Business communication circles to those outside domestic boundaries.  Our customers who have diverse user group to dial in will find their processes greatly simplified and streamlined. Aside from these considerations, making these numbers available will greatly minimize long distance charges for our customers to dial into a Skype4B conference

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