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SIP Trunking: The Coronavirus Effect

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At the hand of the pandemic, more and more organizations have found themselves working in a remote environment, forcing them to ask questions like “How exactly does our company stay connected while working in a virtual space?”  

The leading solution to this question is to enlist SIP Trunking technology. Think of a SIP trunk like a virtual phone line, enabling you to connect voice calls over the internet to anyone with a phone number, anywhere in the world. This multidimensional technology has significantly changed the way companies handle their email, ordinary calls, text messaging, and communication via video.  

Advanced during the peak of COVID-19, the demand for SIP trunking services remains high.  While some constraints and other inhibitors have limited the growth of the space, the next decade will witness a jump in the use of SIP technology. 

With many businesses turning to SIP trunking to help them continue to run smoothly in the virtual space, we’ll explore the benefits of implementing this solution to stay connected anytime and anywhere through the pandemic and beyond.

  • Reduced Costs – Consolidate local lines and trunks to reduce hardware costs, reduce trunk costs and to eliminate multiple vendor purchasing.
  • Improved Continuity – Avoid costly outages with network and geographic redundancy options and predefined contingency routing.
  • Investment Protection – Reuse legacy PBX trunk cards or use IP-PBX native-SIP trunk connectivity.
  • Improved Scalability – Seamlessly add capacity for growth or new locations and avoid lengthy installation intervals.
  • Single Vendor – Eliminate multiple vendors globally with voice and network services through one 


Choosing the right SIP Trunking Provider

To make the process of choosing a SIP trunk provider easier, consider these factors: 

  1. Voice quality - The responsibility of the SIP trunking provider is to ensure that users can make and receive clear phone calls clearly and efficiently. it is imperative that your SIP trunking provider offers the best call quality possible, as the quality of calls not only effect internal organizational performance, but how a company communicates effectively externally.

  2. Redundancy - To ensure business continuity, consider a provider that offers redundancy capabilities to seamlessly route calls in case of network failure.

  3. Reliability - Consider providers with redundant infrastructure and multiple carrier connections across geographies to ensure maximum reliability.

  4. Cost - With options such as pay as-you-go pricing models, consider a provider that offers the most cost savings based on the level of service your business needs.

  5. Security - A reputable SIP trunking provider will focus on protecting your customer’s data. Look into what security measures and protocosl they have in place to protect against security potential security issues.

  6. Flexibility - Consider a provider that will allow for adjusting services as needed rather than being locked into one non-adjustable term.  

Choosing the right SIP trunking provider means your network can gain all of these advantages in just a short time. These infrastructures are designed to save you money and to avoid any major network issues.  

CallTower is here to provide companies with all the assistance that they need when it comes to finding the right communications solutions. Let’s Connect today to learn more about how CallTower can make increase workplace efficiency with SIP trunking - click on the image below: 



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