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Session Border Controller: On-Prem or Cloud?

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info.calltower.comhubfsdown-angle-photography-of-red-clouds-and-blue-sky-844297-1If you’re looking to increase efficiency and cut costs, you have to make the most of your IT administrative team. You don’t want a well-trained group of experts putting hours into tasks not related to their goals, like managing on-site Session Border Controllers (SBC) to protect and optimize your SIP-based VoIP networks. In addition, the cost and storage of the SBC equipment on-site delivers unnecessary obstacles. In order to preserve outbound calling functionality in the event of a WAN failure, you’ll also need phone lines on site, adding another expense. Routing inbound calls through your site can introduce single points of failure, reducing your reliability.

Today, there are alternatives to onsite SBC equipment and the benefits far outweigh the traditional on-premise equipment. CallTower’s Cloud-Based Direct Routing solution provides an entire cloud-based Direct Routing infrastructure with no annual on-site maintenance or additional technical resources for configuration. CallTower’s industry leading voice network includes geo-redundant SBC and voice platform along with connections to dozens of voice and data providers. This provides a level of redundancy that is cost-prohibitive to all but the largest organizations. In the event of Office 365 issues, CallTower can help you to reroute your voice traffic to ensure your customers can still reach you. Multiple options are available, including an alternative softphone app that user can start using the minute Office 365 stops delivering calls.

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You need an SBC to keep your SIP-based VoIP network secure, high-quality and connected, but you don’t need to pay up-front costs or commit the time and resources of your IT team. CallTower’s cloud-based Direct Routing solutions are available today. 

CallTower is offering free Microsoft Teams consultations for inquiring businesses - please sign up by clicking below: 



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