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Selling Microsoft Teams: Take A Proactive Approach

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MS-Teams_Tile2_1000x700Every second counts. Every minute counts. It is vital to keep an eye on the industry and its surroundings while still getting the absolute most out of the resources and tools that are being offered. One of the tools that is being offered to businesses of all sizes is Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a cloud service solution that has been designed to create a smooth workflow for collective teamwork. 

Microsoft Teams can be used by businesses of all sizes in different ways. For instance, Teams can help bring conversations and teams together while also allowing remote employees to feel connected and productive. Microsoft Teams is integrated into the Office 365 environment with other well-known and often-used office applications.

Understanding the impact of Microsoft Teams and all the options is essential to your ability to persuade your prospects that a solution like Microsoft Teams should be their preferred solution. Since Microsoft Teams includes a variety of features and benefits, it will be wise to place attention on the areas that can impact your prospects the most. 

Microsoft Teams has hundreds of applications that are ready to use, and many of these applications are likely already being used within their workplace. These applications will allow team members to connect information, people, and processes in one thread to guide business operations. Teams will allow your prospects to leverage security and it will allow them to make wise decisions around applications in Microsoft Teams. 

During your presale engagement conversations, we encourage you to remain focused on proactively solving problems and addressing issues. When you know the questions your prospects may ask, you will be able to create advanced scenarios that can solve the problems they may be facing or could face in the future. 

As in any sales conversation, you should always be prepared to address any questions and concerns. Some of the common questions that your prospects may have include:

What Problems Can Microsoft Teams Solve?

Microsoft Teams can provide your prospects with a unique solution to solve collaboration needs which will improve the overall efficiency of their operations and improve employee engagement. Microsoft Teams is a workspace that is integrated with Office 365. It will give the team members immediate access to all the things they need for their collaborative efforts. 

Microsoft Teams will make it possible to access collaboration and communication tools from a wide range of devices, including mobile devices and web clients. Since Microsoft Teams can be made available for all devices, it will allow everyone in a business or organization to remain connected at all times, regardless of where they are located.

Can Teams Improve Employee Engagement?

One of the most essential aspects of collaboration is employee engagement. Engagement is largely about integrating Teams into your prospects' workplace in a way that will improve and increase their overall productivity. Your prospects need to understand that Microsoft Teams will offer reliable tools and resources to increase employee engagement and encourage everyone to use Teams in the most effective way possible. 

Employee engagement will continue to be one of the major contributors to employee satisfaction, efficiency, and productivity. Teams can offer your prospects various features that will allow team members to communicate business announcements, updates, meetings, project information, and more in a way that will leave a positive impact on the lives of the employees. Microsoft Teams can also foster continued collaboration and the consistent sharing of knowledge.

Can Microsoft Teams Drive Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is at the center of many business discussions. Many of your prospects are beginning to realize some of the benefits that digital transformation can offer in terms of efficiency, productivity, and operations. Microsoft Teams is a leader in terms of digital transformation, but your prospects may not know where to start. 

As a partner, it is important for you to find out where they are on their journey:

  • What goals do they have?
  • Do they have any technology pain points? What are those pain points?
  • How many processes do they need to streamline? What are those processes?

Microsoft Teams has so many features and so do its competitors, but the benefits Teams offer need to be talked about in advance. If a prospect needs a solution that offers scalability but the current solution is costing a significant amount of money in repairs and maintenance, discussing the features of Microsoft Teams and refactoring Teams into the strategy will be more significant and beneficial.

If you want to secure future sales, we encourage you to be equipped with the knowledge and resources you need to answer questions proactively based on the different scenarios your prospects will face. To discover if Microsoft Teams or another UCaaS solution is right for your company, please sign up for a consultation:



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