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Revolutionize Your Connectivity with CT Text for Webex

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With keeping businesses in mind in need of a solution that can supercharge their Webex platform, maximize reach, and dramatically increase their impact, CallTower has introduced CT Text for Webex – a new service that not only enables SMS and MMS messaging from Webex but is also available in 60 different languages.

CT Text for Webex revolutionizes the way you communicate by allowing you to send and receive two-way SMS text messages, the world's most used messaging format, directly from your Webex platform. This groundbreaking feature works on any cell phone, providing unprecedented reach and accessibility.

With CT Text, you can effortlessly text your Webex contacts and even use the CT Text Bot to send messages from all your Webex channels. This handy bot also keeps you informed about incoming messages, no matter where you're currently working in Webex.

One of the standout features of CT Text is its ability to use shared inboxes for team visibility. This feature allows every team member to receive and respond to incoming and outgoing texts, all from one inbox using a single number.

Keeping in line with a dedication to enhancing flexibility and convenience, the service includes a dedicated number for each personal or shared inbox. This allows you to text across multiple business applications and devices. What's more, you even have the freedom to use your existing business number for both calls and texts.

As part of the package, all messages can be downloaded or sent by email, providing a safe and accessible archive for legal compliance. You can also enjoy group messaging with up to 10 phone numbers, choose a virtual number in your preferred area code, and leverage CT Text's optional translation feature that supports 60 languages.

The offerings of CT Text for Webex don’t stop there:

  • SMS Text Messaging for Business: Add SMS text to your Webex channel and connect instantly with your contacts. The CT Text Bot is ever ready to alert you of new messages, irrespective of your workspace within Webex.
  • Efficient Contact Management: Use this All-in-One contact management app to keep your contacts and conversations in one place for easy accessibility.
  • Personal and Shared Inbox Numbers: Enhance your text conversation's privacy with your personal number or engage your entire team using shared inboxes with just one number.
  • One Number, Multiple Applications: A dedicated number for each personal or shared inbox provides the ability to text across multiple business apps and devices using the secure cloud message service.
  • Text-Enable Your Existing Phone Number: You can use your existing phone number for both calls and texts, making it simpler for your contacts to identify you.

CT Text for Webex also includes:

  • Secure Access with Cisco authentication
  • Messaging Archive to maintain legal compliance
  • MMS options for quick and instant connections
  • Group Messaging up to 10 phone numbers
  • Virtual Number for 2-way SMS texting
  • Text Translation across 60 languages
  • Contact Manager App to manage all your conversations
  • Group Inbox and Text Messaging Bot to enhance your communication experience

Curious to know more? CallTower is just a call or text away! Get in touch for more information and let us help you supercharge your Webex platform with CT Text.

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