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New Features and Additions: What's Next for Microsoft Teams?

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pexels-energepiccom-288477The first few months of the year are some of the most intriguing times for technology. As we continue into 2021, everything from 5G to Microsoft Teams will continue to make an impact throughout the year. The surge we saw in the adoption of Microsoft Teams in 2020 means Microsoft will have to continue bringing in features that will add value to Teams. 

Fortunately, Microsoft has already added a host of new features that were designed to give employees and employers the most out of their work, communication, and collaboration experiences. The latest additions cover everything from language translation to meeting notifications. Have you taken the time to explore Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms? Breakout Rooms have transformed the virtual meeting experience, and there are even more features you should take time to explore in 2021.

Microsoft Teams Meetings

The new editions to Microsoft Teams will make meetings more engaging, inclusive, and effective for all users. With the latest features, users will be able to post their reactions during meetings using emoji icons and other animations. There are also plans to bring the PowerPoint Live Presentations to Microsoft Teams, and this will create an even more engaging experience. 

Chat bubbles will also make an impact on the Microsoft Teams user experience. While this feature may seem like it already exists, these chat bubbles will refer to the chats that are sent during a meeting. When chat bubbles are used, the chats sent during a meeting will appear on everyone's screens. The chats that are produced using the chat bubbles will make each chat a primary part of the conversation.

Queue Sent Messages

Last year, Microsoft listed a variety of features for Teams that introduced updates to the chat features and video calling features, in addition to others. Last year's announcement also mentioned providing support for offline messages. Microsoft has added the ability to queue messages when your device is offline.

If you ever need to send a message or important note, but you are temporarily offline, you will now have the ability to do so. Microsoft Teams can now queue messages and automatically send them once you are reconnected to the network. If the message remains in an unsent state for over 24 hours, you will need to resend the message or delete it. 

Chat and Collaboration

One of the latest updates to the Microsoft Teams platform is the introduction of improved search relevance. The improvements to the search relevance model will allow Microsoft Teams to better understand various elements of messages. In an effort to bring you the most relevant results, users will see the top relevant messages in the Messages tab. 

Approvals in Microsoft Teams will allow for the creation, management, and sharing of approvals directly from the hub. An approval flow can easily be created from the location a chat can be sent. Users can easily select an approval type, add key details, attach documents, and select approvers. Approvers will be instantly notified and will be able to review the request and take action. 

Meeting organizers can also select chat settings that will ensure the chat environment is safe and inclusive. Chat moderation settings can allow members to send chat messages during the meeting. Chats can also be disabled during the meeting. The new features of Microsoft Teams will enhance the connection between users, resulting in a reduction in meeting fatigue. 

The new features and integration between Microsoft Teams and other platforms will allow any business or organization to build an effective business channel. Microsoft Teams is looking increasingly promising, and we expect the user adoption numbers to grow. Are there any new features of Microsoft Teams that you are looking forward to? Are there any features you hope to find in Microsoft Teams?

For more information on the latest on Microsoft Teams and the features that can have the greatest impact within your business or organization, please click below for a free consultation from Microsoft Teams:



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