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Microsoft Teams Usage Drastically Expands in Education Sector

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pexels-august-de-richelieu-4261788The coronavirus pandemic has created a massive remote work and learning expansion for Microsoft Teams. During Microsoft’s Q1 2021 earnings call in October 2020, CEO Satya Nadella shared that Microsoft Teams has passed 115 million daily active users. That’s up 53% from the 75 million daily active users in April. Some 15 months prior, Microsoft Teams had just 13 million daily active users.

“Teams now has more than 115 million daily active users. We are seeing increased usage and intensity as people communicate, collaborate, and coauthor content across work, life, and learning. Microsoft 365 users generated more than 30 billion collaboration minutes in a single day this quarter.” - Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

And while Microsoft Teams has become extremely popular as a workplace tool – it is being used by the education sector at a seemingly ever-increasing rate. Over 100 million students use the collaboration tool today. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a very real impact on face-to-face learning and Microsoft Teams saw a surge of users. At the start of the 2019-2020 school year, only around seven million students and teachers used the platform. By September 2020,  this figure had only reached 30 million and continued expanding to its current numbers. Clearly, Microsoft Teams has a place in the modern classroom and will very likely be a critical tool in the education sector moving forward. 

Microsoft has been devoting a lot of resources into the education sector due to the considerable market potential. In September 2020, they announced that it now has more than 200 million users of Microsoft Education products, including teachers, students, and faculty leaders. During the same presentation, the company unveiled several new hardware products designed for use by students. 

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