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Microsoft Teams and the ROI of Collaboration

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pexels-fauxels-3183183The shared workspace that combines several of the communication and collaboration solutions within Microsoft 365 is known as Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams has the ability to integrate with other solutions that are available from Microsoft, in addition to solutions and applications from third-party vendors.

Microsoft Teams is used in many workspaces to facilitate creativity, faster working, and smarter working within and outside the walls of the work environment. Everything that Microsoft Teams can deliver will be delivered in a safe and secure manner, and the security of this solution can lead to improvements in overall system performance.

The majority of businesses and organizations are aware of Microsoft Team's ability to reduce costs and increase profits through its ability to improve communication and collaboration. Over the period of time the businesses and organizations have used Teams, many have not been able to quantify how much of a total economic impact Microsoft Teams could make. However, things have changed.

Impact of Microsoft Teams

Making the switch to Microsoft Teams proved crucial to businesses and organizations since Microsoft is no longer onboarding Office 365 users to Skype. According to a study. The ROI on Microsoft Teams adoption is 832 percent. That is pretty outstanding. With multiple collaboration tools in one place, it can save employees up to eight hours of work each day. 

In the study by Forrester, 4 current Microsoft Teams customers were interviewed and 260 Teams users were interviewed. After the completion of the study, it was discovered that an organization that has 5,000 employees using Microsoft Teams could achieve several economic benefits, including the following:

  • Savings up to $14 million in a span of three years because of the variety of collaboration features
  • Additional savings up to $450,000 in a span of 3 years because of the ability to make smarter and faster decisions
  • Savings up to nearly $5 million in that 3-year span for organizations that consolidate information and make it readily available within Teams

Collaboration and the Working Environment

Employees want to be able to communicate and collaborate in a manner that is effective, efficient, and simple. Microsoft Teams will give your employees all the tools they need to communicate and collaborate, regardless of where they are or what devices they are using. When Microsoft Teams is deployed, here is what can happen:

  • Employee engagement can improve
  • Employee productivity can improve
  • Your employees will feel more comfortable with the flexibility they have
  • Costs can be reduced

Microsoft Teams is Now

When we talk about traditional collaboration methods, we will generally talk about face-to-face conversations, email conversations, or telephone conversations. When employees use Microsoft Teams, they will be able to choose the type of communication that works best for each situation.

Microsoft Teams will provide employees with the ability to switch between a variety of communication methods that will work best at the time, and all the communication methods can be chosen from one location.

Realizing the Value

Microsoft Teams has been labeled as the fastest growing product that Microsoft has ever offered. Microsoft Teams has a whopping number of daily active users, with over 91 percent of large companies in the United States using the product. Unfortunately, many organizations have not realized the true value of Microsoft Teams.

Many corporations have invested in Microsoft Teams, but they are not using it. However, there are several factors that play a part in organizations not using this cutting-edge technology. Some reasons why Teams is not being explored more by organizations are:

  • They have yet to realize the true value of Microsoft Teams
  • They have been hesitant to move to the cloud because it seems too challenging
  • They did not think about the changes that would need to be made in order to successfully transition to Teams
  • They unknowingly created challenges that made it difficult for users to adapt to Microsoft Teams

Why Is Microsoft Teams Great For Collaboration?

Microsoft Teams has already proven that it is the best collaboration software, but why is it the best? Microsoft Teams is simple to use, you will have everything you need in a comprehensive solution, new components and features are being added on a consistent basis, and it will allow you to maximize your investment. 

If your Office 365 adoption is high within your business, you can expect to receive an outstanding return on your investment. If you want to ensure that high-quality collaboration exists in your work environment, use a platform that will allow everyone to explore different communication methods. For a free consultation how how your organization would be able to deploy Microsoft Teams, click below: 



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