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4 Modern Ways to Maximize CRM ROI

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Originally posted by Five9 - When your enterprise is built on sales, service, and customer satisfaction, you depend on the power of information.  To stay competitive, companies need a 360-degree view of their customers. The rapid rise and adoption of modern CRM software proves its ability to enhance top-notch customer care.

But information is only as good as your ability to leverage it. To deliver highly personalized, brand-boosting customer experiences, your customer care team needs advanced communication features that maximize the impact of the information at their fingertips.

Here are four ways that adding the right contact center functionality to your CRM can maximize your ROI:

1) Omnichannel contact engagement: Your customers are using modern media channels and they want you to, too. Employing an omnichannel contact approach means delivering a unified experience via voice, email, and web chat. Maximize your CRM return by making it easy for agents to track all customer touch points, not just calls.  Agents can see all interactions on an omnichannel dashboard and manage multiple inbound and outbound channels simultaneously.

2) Predictive dialing: You invest in lead generation—but a hot database of prospects can grow cold when manually working through the list. A contact center with predictive dialing multiplies agent activity by automatically dialing outbound calls, timed to filter busy signals, voicemail, no-answers and disconnected numbers.  Meanwhile all contact actions are automatically recorded in the CRM history.  Enable agents to be more effective and maximize your returns.

3) Integrated voice response (IVR): Increase your chances of first call resolution (FCR) by adding IVR capability to your CRM. An IVR solution can automatically resolve many inbound inquiries, freeing agents to focus on higher value calls. And when combined with skills-based routing and your CRM's ability to predict a caller's likely need, IVRs can help assure that each call will route to an agent who has the best skill set to provide the service required. Improving FCR is one KPI that practically guarantees a higher ROI for your operation.

4) Coaching and call recording: Savvy agents know how to interject comments about an account's personal history effectively, but it's a learned skill. Adding contact center "whisper and barge" functionality allows supervisors to coach new agents or join a call if needed in real-time.  By employing recorded calls as a coaching tool, supervisors can accelerate agent learning. Not only will you gain more knowledgeable customer reps, but agents who receive feedback have higher retention rates.  This is a win-win that maximizes the return on your investment in your people.

There are many other benefits to integrating your contact center and CRM, including click-to-dial functionality, screen-pop agent alerts and prompts, voice messaging features, and more. 

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