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3 Simple Ways to Improve IP Voice Call Quality

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Improve Call QualityPart of running a business means regularly looking for new ways to improve your business operations.  

If you are using IP Voice for your business communications, it is important to make sure that your call quality is optimized.

In this post, we will take a look at three simple ways to improve the quality of your calls.  

  1. Eliminate Feedback:
    Feedback happens when your voice can be heard on the speakers at the other end of the call and your voice travels to their mouthpiece, thus creating an echoing sound or a repeat of your voice. When feedback isn't addressed right away, not only will the problem continue, it will actually get louder and become more frequent. It goes without saying that the issue of feedback, even at its earlier stages when it only seems like a mild nuisance, will compromise the quality of the call. Sometimes, the problem can be taken care of simply by lowering your speaker's volume, however this should be considered a temporary quick fix. If you want greater confidence that the problem will not persist and grow worse, you should take additional measures. Such measures include investing in a new device with lower frequencies. It's the high frequency phones that pick up more sounds and background noise, whereas the low frequency phones will ensure that the speakers only pick up your voice and the voice of the other person that you are talking to. 
  2. Invest in New Device: Whether you only use one headset for your small business establishment or you require dozens of handsets for your many employees, it is important to replace old, worn out devices whenever it is needed.  If you are still using older devices and they are causing audio problems or showing signs of obvious wear, invest in new headsets or handsets that come with shorter cables and better insulation. Replacing old headsets or handsets, with new, updated ones is one of the easiest, most effective ways to boost call quality.
  3. Understanding your Bandwidth:  Bandwidth is a key component to quality of service when utilizing IP voice solutionsRunning a periodic VoIP test on your network will provide necessary feedback on your overall bandwidth.  It is important to run this test during peak network traffic periods.  By doing this, you are better able to track any changes in your Internet use and pinpoint which time during business hours that you're using the highest levels of bandwidth.   

Ready to learn more about improving the quality of your business IP Voice calls and unified communications?


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