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How Unified Communications Can Increase Your ROI

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analysis-banking-business-1451448Increasing your return on investment (ROI) is not the easiest task to accomplish, but having the right Unified Communications (UC) strategy to lean on can make it a little easier. A solid Unified Communications strategy will be one of the keys to improving an organization's overall return on investment while making sure there will be no financial strain on the organization.

With the latest and greatest communication technologies and solutions on the market, more people can be connected than ever before for less than ever. When an organization implements or improves a UC solution, collaboration and cohesiveness increases and productivity soars - giving your ROI a necessary boost. Let's break it down.

Decisions, Decisions

Some organizations may make the decision to purchase their own Unified Communications solution as one of their capital expenses. However, there are others who will take a different route and use the UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) model. When organizations use Unified Communications as a Service model, this will generally be listed as another operational expense. 

Video Conferencing

Many people within an organization understand how much value video conferencing brings to a business in terms of it being efficient and cost-effective, but does it add any additional benefits that go beyond the finances? Yes, it does. Video conferencing can be used to communicate with people within the organization and outside of the organization. The right video conferencing solution will allow everyone to communicate clearly and openly. Video conferencing solutions are packed with a variety of features and components which can result in a positive impact on your organization's bottom line. 

Solution Integration

Unified communications tools, regardless if they are being hosted in the cloud or on the premises, can improve your entire business operations. UC tools can also give you a better chance to reduce your costs due to the ability to integrate numerous solutions. You will no longer have to worry about scheduling conflicts, time differences, reduced budgets, etc. because UC tools like video conferencing will allow you to fill in those gaps.

How Can UC Increase ROI?

  • Lower upfront costs in terms of investments
  • Lower communication monthly costs 
  • Increased business productivity
  • Reduction in security risks
  • More satisfied customers and happier employees

When you are thinking about how you can increase your ROI, it is important that you have a clear understanding of how the tools can benefit your entire workplace. Don't consider just the tools and technology; consider the entire organization. There are so many solutions to choose from when it comes to deploying and integrating UC and collaboration. Choosing the right providers and vendors will set you up with the best chance to succeed. 

The impace of UC on your ROI will be determined in large part to user adoption. Everyone must willingly and actively use the UC tools that have been deployed. UC can improve the interactions among your partners, employees, customers, etc., and everyone can now use these tools to share their thoughts and ideas. In order for you to capitalize on all the benefits of Unified Communications, you will need to create a plan and strategy that fits perfectly with your organization's mission and objectives.



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