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Enabling GCC High with Conferencing via Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

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Navigating-Microsoft-Teams-for-GCC-High-Certified-Organizations----New--New-bannerEmpowering organizations with a Teams Voice Solution

As one of few authorized sellers of the Government Community Cloud of Microsoft 365 for organizations with less than 500 users, C3 Integrated Solutions is defined by its ability to tailor their solutions to their clients. Not only does this increase loyalty among existing customers, but it’s an important component of generating critical new revenue. As the world changes and new challenges arise, C3 works hard to meet these challenges head-on and continue to empower their customers and attract prospects.

One such change is the advent of Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), requiring all Department of Defense (DOD) contractors to meet a certain level of cybersecurity compliance. CMMC combines various standards and maps best practices to maturity levels all contractors must meet in order to bid on government contracts beyond September 2020.

As a leading provider of CMMC-compliant Microsoft Government cloud solutions, including M365 Government Community Cloud (GCC), M365 GCC High and Azure Government, C3 is put in the position of assisting their customers achieve total CMMC compliance. With the additional challenge of the global coronavirus pandemic and the evolving nature of the workplace, more and more companies are demanding collaborative voice and audio-conferencing options within C3’s GCC solutions. Microsoft does not offer a voice option for their M365 GCC High services, so C3 knew they needed to fill a very crucial and timely gap. With that, C3 set off in search of a company that could deliver GCC High secure Microsoft Teams voice and telephony solutions.

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