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CT Text: Integrate SMS Text Into Your Microsoft Teams Strategy

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pexels-andrea-piacquadio-3869370To the majority of us, SMS texting seems to be a very simple process. SMS text messaging has been around longer than the majority of its dedicated users, and it continues to be one of the fastest growing and most popular ways to connect with people around the world. Today's mobile and digital environments are transforming rapidly, and more businesses and organizations are looking for more ways to connect with employees, customers, clients, and more. 

When it comes to unified communications solutions like Microsoft Teams for businesses, SMS text is not always an available option despite its popularity. Due to its ease of use and its popularity, SMS text should be an obvious choice for any business or organization. If you are in the process of analyzing or evaluating your Unified Communications (UC) strategy, we encourage you to ask providers about SMS texting. 

Text messaging has made its way into many UC solutions, especially due to its accessibility via mobile devices and PCs. If you are not using SMS text messaging as part of your Microsoft Teams strategy, we want to share some benefits and advantages that you should consider:

SMS Text is Immediate

Many people do not go far without their phone attached to their hip or glued to their hand. A phone is one of the first things many people check in the morning and one of the last things they check before going to sleep. A phone can be with a person 24/7. A text message is typically delivered in a matter of seconds, and they are easy to understand.

When you make the decision to integrate SMS texting into your UC strategy, text messages can be sent and received to and by the phone number that has been assigned to your employees. Your employees will be empowered to respond to these text messages right away. Efficiency and immediacy are two of the things that can set a business or organization apart from the competition, and SMS text can provide you with both. 

SMS Texts Attract Attention

How many text messages do you receive on a daily basis? Whether the messages are from family members, friends, our favorite stores, etc., each text message will command attention. You will know when you receive a text message because your alert will sound immediately. An SMS text message can be read and replied to in 10 seconds. 

When you give people the ability to send and receive messages in the form of a text message, it shows them that you understand their needs, their time, and their preferences. You can truly set your business apart by integrating SMS text into your UC platform. SMS text is the type of technology that customers and employees can appreciate, especially in today's world.

More professionals are conducting business on their phones and other personal devices. Instant messaging and SMS texting in Unified Communication are similar, but SMS texting will allow you to communicate with those who are not a part of your organization that do not use the systems and software you use. 

There will be no need to send text messages to your contacts using third-party applications or cell phones. With the availability of SMS text in your UC strategy, you will be able to provide an improved communication experience with internal and external connections. 

At CallTower, we understand the importance of SMS text in Unified Communication strategies, and this has led us to introduce an exciting service, CT Text. CT Text can instantly connect you to your contacts, and it easily supports SMS texting for our Microsoft Teams direct routing solution.

If you are looking to create a stronger bond with your internal and external contacts, and if you want to empower them to be more active and available, click below for a free consultation.



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