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Channel Sales: The Transition To Solution Selling

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chalk-company-conceptual-533189When you first think about selling a solution and selling a product, you may think that there is no difference between the two. After all, don't we use different products to solve some of the problems we have? Most of the products that exist today have been designed and created to be a one-size-fits-all answer. Instead of creating a product that can fit the different needs that customers have, many products are only made to do just enough. However, a solution will use services and products.

Solutions are created to help a customer throughout the entire process, making sure that every customer need will be met and the problem will be solved by the end of the process. In order to sell a solution, companies will need to make changes to how they do business. Companies should not just be concerned with promoting products. Instead, they should actually want to create relationships and connections with as many people as possible. If you want to use the solution-selling methodology, you will be able to create strong and long-lasting connections with people while finding new and improved ways to help them.

The solution-selling methodology can be used to help customers discover and grasp their most difficult and confusing problems. Using the solution-selling process will give you the opportunity to recognize many areas of insufficiencies that were not noticed before. We know that making this type of transition will not be an easy one, but choosing to ignore it can cause many problems. What can you do to ensure you have a successful transition into solution selling?

Make Preparations

How do you usually treat your sales? Do you usually treat them like you would customer service? By looking at sales the same way you see customer service, you will be able to anticipate the needs of your customers. You will also have a better understanding of the types of problems and challenges your customers have on a daily basis. In order to use the solution-selling method effectively, everyone who is on your sales team will need to have the skills, experience, and knowledge that is needed to address the problems your customers will have. When you receive leads from your marketing department, you will want to make sure each lead will be qualified. If you receive leads that are not ready to turn into sales, those leads can stay in the marketing department until the time is right.

Introduce New Outlooks

A prevalent misconception in the sales industry is that the more your clients know, the more likely they will be to search for new products and services and find a different option. However, when a customer's knowledge level has increased it will generally result in a higher level of belief and trust in your company and your products. When you can use your knowledge to teach your customers and clients, you will become a partner the clients and customers can trust throughout the entire process. When customers can gain knowledge about their difficult areas or their pain points. By offering a new outlook, you will be able to help your customers prepare for potential problems ahead and respond to them accordingly. 

Open The Door To Communication

The solution-selling process is not a solution that only the sales team can use. The solution-selling process can be used throughout your entire company. If there are any strategies that will hinder your ability to use the solution-selling methodology, we would encourage you to eliminate those strategies. There should be a better way to take everything into consideration and properly evaluate everything about the company, including how everything is structured and the culture of the workplace. We know how difficult this can be, especially if you have enjoyed how everything has gone so far. However, just because you may feel that nothing needs to be fixed, there could still be room for improvement. This is why it is important to have open communication. 



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