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CallTower Congratulates Telarus and CarrierSales on Merger

November 1, 2017

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PartnersOn October 30, 2017, Telarus and CarrierSales announced they will be combining their companies into one. This merger will create one of the nation’s largest master agencies. CallTower would like to take the opportunity to congratulate both companies on the merger of two high performing organizations.  We look forward to working with the combined team from both CarrierSales, a long-time valued partner, and Telarus in the immediate future. 

Telarus and CarrierSales published a blog outlining the decision-making process and reasoning behind this deal. Here are the highlights: 

"It Pays to Be a Winner": Telarus is focused on helping their agents achieve more, primarily through "differentiation through innovation." While focusing on technology, Telarus' network, cloud and UCaaS providers are consolidating; this can complicate support, sales expectations and less collaboration with agents. The only solution is simply to sell more and that's where CarrierSales comes in. Both Telarus and CarrierSales have had impressive 30%+ annual growth rates. With these strong foundations, they are hoping to increase, grow, and ensure partner resources and security.

"Taking This Business to a Whole New Level": Even considering their growth, they need to grow faster in order to fill their partner and agent needs. Since geographic boundaries have shrunk with cloud service availability, the size of the sales force is no longer the issue. Both companies need to acquire new pieces of the landscape.  Telarus discovered CarrierSales fit their three needs: A master agent with (1) new areas of expertise, (2) a focus on carrier relationships and (3) who could help us achieve #1 status with more of our existing service providers. CarrierSales is also conveniently located in the same geographical area (Salt Lake County, UT) as Telarus.

"Exciting New Benefits to Agent Partners": The combination of Telarus and CarrierSales will deliver the following benefits to partners:

1. Increased support with industry veterans
2. Contact center expertise and providers
3. Mobility expertise and providers (AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint)
4. Direct access to every major ILEC at top-tier commission (AT&T, Verizon)
5. Diamond-level support and commission with CenturyLink
6. Access to cloud compute and cyber-security experts

Telarus partners will also now have access to CarrierSales providers (like CallTower), and vice versa. Telarus' patented tools will also be available to CarrierSales agents, and Telarus can tap into CarrierSales' contact center and mobility expertise. It's a massive step forward for partner value and adds complex opportunities for the future.

"Time Frame": Telarus and CarrierSales are understandably excited to start working together and they're striving to complete the deal in 60 days, by December 31, 2017. 

CallTower is incredibly excited to be partnered with CarrierSales and we welcome this deal with Telarus. We look forward to providing our services to a whole new family of partners and seeing what new opportunities lie in store. To learn more about CallTower's Partner Program, please click below:

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