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Bridge Cloud Suite: Attendant Console for Cisco UCM and HCS

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tab-boc1Organizations often require additional call control features and fast searching capabilities within their Cisco Attendant Console. The ability to control calls, utilize several transfer methods and join or record calls has become increasingly critical to stay ahead.

CallTower's Bridge Cloud Suite provides an efficient and familiar interface solution to fit these needs by leveraging the Cisco platforms to deliver enterprise-level call control capabilities.

Bridge Cloud Suite is a next-generation attendant console for Cisco Unified Communications Manager and HCS. It offers full call control with features like: Answer, Hold, Resume and Transfer.  Bridge Cloud Suite does not require any software installation and is operating system agnostic. It runs in any modern browser, giving the users, and system administrators maximum ease and flexibility.

With a very simple user interface, BCS makes it easy to transfer and park calls, see user statuses and manage other call controls. Bridge Cloud Suite offers a robust feature set, combining call control with presence monitoring on our Cisco platforms. Use Bridge Cloud Suite to improve operational efficiency, ensure accurate operator responses and provide situational awareness. You can operate from either central control or from remote sites, reducing need for 24/7 coverage.

To learn more about Bridge Cloud Suite and find out if it's the right solution for your organization, schedule your consultation with CallTower today:



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