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Breaking Down the 2024 Frost Radar: Cloud-Connected Calling Enablement

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Frost & Sullivan has released its much-anticipated 2024 Frost Radar™ report on cloud-connected calling enablement, which delves into the definitions and market dynamics of cloud-connected calling enablement. Alongside a focus on cloud-connected calling enablement, the report also details companies to be considered first for investment, partnerships, or benchmarking, and specifically highlights CallTower as a company to action. Frost Radar™ details CallTower’s innovations, growth, and their own perspective on the company.


CallTower is a global telephony services provider facilitating the migration from legacy PBX and UC platforms to modern cloud-based solutions. Our proprietary platform, CallTower Connect, offers admin capabilities for end customers and a quoting and reselling interface for service providers and channel partners. With customer management portals and a mobile app, CallTower enables provisioning and management of telephony integrations, including Webex Calling by Cisco, Microsoft Operator Connect, Teams Direct Routing, Zoom Phone, and SIP-enabled unified communication and contact center platforms.


CallTower has experienced significant growth in its telephony user base, leveraging the high demand for Microsoft Teams Phone enablement. The CallTower Connect platform plays a crucial role in facilitating scalable calling services for enterprise customers and partners across different UC platforms, aligning with the trend towards hybrid environments and diverse cloud integrations. Offering per-user/per-month unlimited or metered calling plans and traditional SIP trunking pricing, CallTower provides flexibility for customers to select a pricing structure that suits their requirements across Microsoft Teams, Webex Calling, and Zoom Phone.

The Frost Perspective

According to Frost & Sullivan, CallTower embodies the next-generation global carrier with its purpose-built Connect platform for simplified global cloud-connected calling. The platform's high level of automation supports international expansion, ensuring differentiation and growth. Frost & Sullivan suggest that, to enhance its offerings, CallTower should explore partnerships for enterprise-grade mobility and consider incorporating CPaaS or programmable API elements to expand its platform and deepen customer relationships.


Frost & Sullivan's 2024 Frost Radar™ report highlights CallTower as a key company to take action on, recognizing our innovations and growth while offering their perspective on the company. CallTower's commitment to facilitating the transition to modern cloud-based telephony solutions through their proprietary platform, CallTower Connect, has fueled their significant growth, and positioned them as a pivotal player in the industry. With a focus on scalability, flexibility, and automation, CallTower continues to set the standard for global cloud-connected calling while exploring opportunities to further enhance their offerings through strategic partnerships and expanded platform capabilities.

Download the 2024 Frost Radar Report now: https://info.calltower.com/cloud-connected-frost-radar-2024



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