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6 Advantages of a SIP Trunking Network

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cables-close-up-computer-257736SIP trunking combines the convenience of currently existing network connections with the efficiency of network convergence. As VoIP has continued to grow and expand within the industry, businesses are able to utilize this telecommunication technology in a number of exciting ways.

When the lines of communication between employees and their online service provider are open, a wide range of advantages are gained. SIP trunking delivers several advantages that extend well beyond the ease of implementation and the simplistic design. The following benefits are evident when you enable your network with SIP trunking:

Eliminate Network Overlap

With SIP trunking, the need for overlapping networks is eliminated entirely and this creates a far greater level of efficiency. Locations that were once forced to operate and maintain separate networks for telephone and data can now consolidate their efforts. SIP trunking also eliminates all of the issues that are related to scaling and reduces the need to add additional infrastructure.

Increase Network Flexibility

SIP trunking services increase a network's level of flexibility in a few different ways. All of the most important service delivery options are increased. Delivery capacity, network redundancy, and geographic diversity are just a few of the areas that are going to be affected in a positive manner. All of these options will allow a company to grow and improve over the long haul.

Reduce Costs

If long distance services need to be used, they can become rather expensive without the use of SIP trunking and these costs can preclude a company from making the best possible decisions. When local lines and trunks are consolidated, this allows a location to dedicate their resources to other areas that are in need of assistance.

A location that relies on SIP trunking will no longer need to make purchases from multiple vendors and their trunk costs are also reduced significantly. The costs that are associated with hardware are slashed as well.

Greater Levels of Scaling

SIP trunking opens up the door for far greater levels of scaling than ever before. The growth capacity that is created with the use of this tactic is unparalleled. If new locations need to be added, these tasks are made even easier than ever before. While most locations are used to a lengthy process when it comes time to make new installations, this is not the case for those who rely on SIP trunking to meet their needs.

Preserve Investments

One of the best parts about SIP trucking is that a location's previous investments are all preserved. There is no need to worry about losing out on the investments that have already been made in your phones, phone related equipment or even your PBX solutions. The cost savings are immediate and these solutions open up a wide world of access.

Zero Outages Worldwide

When outages take place, they can cause a plethora of different issues for a company and all of these problems are difficult to address. Outages are not only costly from a financial standpoint, they are also costly when it comes to a location's reputation. It takes years for a company to build a reputation for themselves and just one untimely outage to destroy it.

Choosing the right SIP trunking provider means your network can gain all of these advantages in just a short time. These infrastructures are designed to save you money and to avoid any major network issues. 

CallTower is here to provide companies with all of the assistance that they need when it comes to finding the right communications solutions. Schedule a demo today to find out how your network can drastically improve:



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