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5 Ways to Use Video Collaboration to Manage Business Locations

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Video CollaborationWe have become a dynamic workforce.

With UCaaS solutions and enhanced video collaboration and conferencing capabilities we are now able to truly work from anywhere, at anytime.

When a business is succeeding, their customer base grows and so too does their ability to reach a larger audience. For brick-and-mortar establishments, this can often lead to real physical expansion, either to a larger location, or by spreading your business into multiple locations.

Becoming a chain is a wonderful way to reach new communities and provide a greater number of people with your products and services, but you can't be everywhere at once. While your locations may be part of your overall company, they also need to run as individual businesses, managing their own overhead and staff. Expanding is wonderful, but the more locations you have, the harder it is to provide the hand-tailored leadership that made your first store so successful in the first place. Fortunately, modern technology can transcend physical location. With video collaboration, you can effectively manage your enterprise without having to 'make the rounds'.

Setting Up Your Network

Whether you work with Microsoft or Linux, with a wired or wireless internet connection, modern video conferencing solutions are quick and easy to set up on the office computers and even mobile devices in each of your separate businesses. While once, establishing a high-speed video connection would have taken hours of installation and testing, modern technology has moved into the 'app' style of functionality. In most cases, all you need to get started is a great managed service and a simple download-install process. 

Remote Management

For many successful company owners, running their business is a combination of skills and personal intuition. Trying to manage new locations over the phone often doesn't quite have the same 'oomf' as managing in-person. Unfortunately, the further your business spreads, the less practical it is to constantly drive from place to place. Managing over phone and email has been the go-to solution thus far, but both take away your ability to read the expressions and emotional responses of your remote team which is an important source of management information. With video collaboration, you can lead meetings with that 'face to face' connection no matter where you are.

The Eagle Eye

Are you the kind of manager that enjoys lurking on location and just watching the flow of business? If so, you're not alone. Many managers get their best information about the health of a business by quietly watching it run in the background without interrupting the normal activities of customers or employees. With the cooperation of location managers and the powers of video, you can watch each location quietly through a web cam, and even hold impromptu meetings when you notice something that needs to be addressed.

Meetings with Location Managers

meeting-video-collaboration.jpgWhen running a chain of stores, it's important that all managers be on the same page. While regular in-person meetings aren't a bad idea, you can collaborate much more often by arranging a nightly or weekly online meeting. With modern video collaboration technology, all your managers can be online and talking to each other at once. With this tool, you can coordinate everything from promotional events to maintenance scheduling without asking everyone to drive to a central location.

Further Expansion

Most video conferencing platforms are completely flexible when it comes to adding new members and locations. This means that as your company continues to expand and open new store locations, your online meeting solution can expand with you. Call Tower specializes in bringing video to companies just like yours with a variety of options to choose from. Whether you're currently running over 20 locations through phone and email or considering your first expansion, our communication professionals can help you design the right remote meeting solution for your business.

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