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3 Benefits and 3 Trends of Unified Communication In 2019

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connect-connection-creative-216370Over the last several years, we have witnessed an exceptional change take place in the enterprise communication sector. Why has there been such an incredible transformation over the last few years? Businesses are beginning to shift away from the traditional phone systems as they welcome IP-based communications with open arms. 

Today, unified communication (UC) has become a high standard because it is able to combine a variety of systems including instant messaging, voice, and video into one comprehensive platform. When businesses use UC, they will be able to do the following:

1. Increase Productivity

Unified communication will allow employees to work in one communications platform, rather than using all of their time and energy working across different instant messaging platforms, phone lines, and databases. Unified communications can remove time waste and confusion.

2. Minimize Costs

UC can save a business a significant amount of money in various ways. When using a UC solution, it is possible to combine telephone lines, which will make it possible to pay less money because there will be fewer phone lines. A cloud-based UC solution will also create a reduction in a reduction in expenses. Businesses can also save money by reducing travel expenses by using video conferencing tools.

3. Strengthening the Customer Experience

The customer experience, enhanced by a UC solution, can be used to make customer service agents available over a variety of communication platforms and channels. By taking advantage of the opportunities that UC has to offer, agents will be able to communicate with their customers on their own terms through voice, text, video, etc.

Unified Communication Trends

The landscape of communication has changed and the expectations for businesses have also evolved. Today, businesses want to be able to communicate at all times of the day, regardless of their location. Many businesses are no longer operating under the traditional business hours and there are fewer boundaries compared to the past.  In order for businesses to keep up with all the demands, the following trends can be expected in 2019:

1. Artificial Intelligence

A trend that we expect to take place in 2019 will be AI(artificial intelligence) being integrated with a UC solution. You can expect various platforms to begin using artificial intelligence to improve their in-call services. Artificial intelligence can also be used to improve authentication and security.

2. Better Employee Experiences

Previously, the hot topic in many discussions was customer experience, one of the main forces behind unified communications. Today, the employee experience (EX) is becoming a hot topic in conversations. As more businesses begin to use a UC solution, EX is becoming one of the technologies in the workplace. Employees now look forward to having a unified communications platform to gain an edge in the workplace. 

3. 5G Connectivity

We heard plenty of discussions in 2018 about 5G. The transition from the present 4G standards and the current technology will soon begin to take place. We can all expect to see how big of an impact 5G will have on our mobile devices and our connection speeds. When it comes to wireless communications networking, 5G will become the next generation.

The nature of UC has changed greatly in just the past year. The pace at which it is moving is not expected to slow down anytime soon. As more trends begin to show up, we can expect to see more opportunities for all businesses that are willing to fully embrace everything that unified communications have to offer.



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