Running a contact or call center on a different telephony platform than the rest of the organization is shockingly common given all the headaches this causes.  And many are not aware Skype for Business is a perfect platform for a multi-channel contact center.

Here are some reasons why you should consider consolidating platforms: 

  1. Cost – Why pay for duplicate services or features across more than one product/platform?
  2. Support and availability – Supporting two technology platforms not only means work and training, it introduces more complexity – especially when the two platforms need to interact.  This means more resources devoted to maintenance, and also an increased likelihood of outages.
  3. Interoperability – A patchwork of different products may not work well together, and can be difficult to configure and keep working together.  For example, when two PBX platforms transfer calls between each other, it can cause:
    • Dial-plan issues that don't match on the two systems.  This means that calls can work from one system, but don’t complete on the other, which is painful to troubleshoot, identify and resolve.
    •  Codec/transcoding issues can cause poor audio or failed calls

Another excellent solution is a contact center that’s native to Skype for Business.  A truly native product will be considerably simpler to install and maintain, and can take full advantage of the often complex arrangements that are made for large enterprise environments with very little additional effort.