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Zoom Review: Video Conferencing Done Right

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video-conference-room-corporate-236730In the communication and collaboration environment, today’s businesses are looking for new and improved ways to communicate with dispersed employees around the world. This doesn’t just mean investing in high-quality VoIP, and reliable audio solutions, but also looking for solutions in the world of video conferencing too.

Zoom is one of the primary options for businesses looking for unique ways to tap into the benefits of calls, meetings, and video connectivity. At the top of their game, Zoom Conferencing has seen a lot of growth in recent years, and we thought we’d look at the products and features Zoom offers, so you can make a more informed decision about your video needs.

Introducing Zoom

Zoom is a business that specialises in video conferencing – but that isn’t all it does. There are plenty of other features to explore too, including simple and accessible interfaces that make users feel confident with their new UC set-up. They can even provide solutions for employee training, online meetings, and video webinars for your next industry event. One of the more recent products available from Zoom, the “Zoom Room” has also seen significant adoption.

Zoom Video Conferencing excels at transforming the meeting room space. Whether you’re looking for a small huddle-room solution or something larger, you can find the immersive video and audio conferencing services you need with this vendor.

Zoom Meetings:

Described as the ultimate video conferencing and web conferencing service, Zoom has achieved a fantastic Meeting Room solution for their customers. The company actually has a sector-leading net promoter score of 72 according to 2017 surveys. The Zoom Meetings product includes:

  • Online Meeting Services: HD audio and video support for up to 500 video participants, with screen sharing and collaboration, features built-in
  • Training services: Solutions for co-annotation and whiteboarding, as well as an attention indicator device to keep meeting participants focused
  • Technical support: Easy start and join features, remote screen control features and more
  • Integrated scheduling: Zoom works with a customer’s in-built scheduling system, including work emails, mobile scheduling, and more

Zoom Rooms:

“Rooms” are emerging as a more popular solution for the meeting room space, as companies look for ways to connect everything they need in a conference environment, including whiteboarding, connectivity, and video collaboration.

Based entirely on software, Zoom offers a highly scalable and innovative room experience, complete with integrated audio features, flawless video systems, and wireless content sharing solutions. Some of the features included with Zoom Rooms include:

  • Integration with anyone: Anyone can get access to HD video and audio through desktop, mobile, and other conference system devices
  • Wireless sharing: There’s no need for dongles and cables, you can simply present content wirelessly from a device or laptop
  • One-touch meeting starts: Use voice commands and one-touch meetings to start scheduled conferencing or instant messaging on your calendar system
  • Overview and management: View and manage your conference rooms from a single user interface
  • Native Integration: Zoom offers easy integration with the Crestron Mercury system for speakers, tablet connectivity, and microphone performance all-in-one


Zoom offers software on a basic subscription level. Zoom is devoted to offering their customers high-performance audio and video conferencing solutions within a diverse meeting room environment. One area where Zoom differs from its competitors is in its packaging options. Zoom has a basic “free” version available to customers, while many other businesses don’t offer the same service. Zoom’s packages include:

  • Basic: This is the free version of Zoom, which hosts up to 100 participants, offers group meetings for up to 40 minutes, and online support. There are unlimited 1-on-1 meetings available, and there is also no limit on how many meetings you can host
  • Pro: Comes with all the basic features, plus unlimited meeting duration, admin features, user management, reporting, and 1GB of cloud recording
  • Business: For small to mid-sized companies, the “Business” package includes dedicated phone support, a vanity URL, an admin dashboard, and the option for on-premise deployment
  • Enterprise: Designed specifically for the larger enterprise, this package includes 200 participants, unlimited cloud storage, and a dedicated success manager. There’s also the option for bundle discounts on Zoom Rooms and Webinars

Should You Choose Zoom?

Zoom often gets great reviews from users, and it offers a large range of potent features to choose from. If you want to learn more and see if Zoom will work for your organization, please schedule your demo below.



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